Half Fox and Half Woman – Mumtaz Begum of Pakistan

While I was in Chattar Park in 2006 on my class trip, I saw this board with the advertisement of this half woman and half fox creature. I was deeply intrigued. This creature that inspired the zoos and entertainment spots for over 40 years is now revealed in this article.

Murad Ali - The Charlatan behind Mumtaz Begum of Pakistan

So what has been your reaction when you first saw this creature of Pakistan? If you were a child, it would have provided you with amusement and wonder. If however, you were an adult when you saw this being, it would not have taken long for you to realize that this is neither a fox nor a woman. It is, in fact, a performer Murad Ali who has been dressing as a woman to pose as this supernatural being. As it turns out, the performer is not the only one. His father used to do the same thing. His legacy, now left in form of this performance, is well preserved by his son.

The daily routine of Murad Ali is quite interesting. Every day, Murad Ali covers his face with thick makeup and bright lipstick. Every day, he crawls into the box that has an opening. Besides his face, there is a synthetic body of a headless fox. For covering his spot, he wears a big shawl. It is when the opening time passes, the visitors, both adults, and children start pouring in.

Mumtaz Begum Of Pakistan 1

Future Predictions to Stories of African Origin as told by Mumtaz Begum of Pakistan

Mumtaz Begum also acts as a charlatan prophet, predicting the future of children and adults. Whether it is the visa approval or exam results, nothing is hidden from her watchful eye. Or that is what she claims. To make matters more interesting, the Mumtaz Begum crafts her tale of her African Origin. Apparently, she is a supernatural being born in Africa and sustaining herself on a diet of juice and cake. God forbid who had this genius idea of having an animal life partner…that is of course if the tale was anywhere near the truth.

Adults, as well as children, often leave an offering of cake and juice to her every day. This has proved quite an attraction factor for over 40 years.

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