Hingol National Park One of Wonders of Pakistan - Lunar Landscape from Paradise

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1 - Paradisiac Wonder of Pakistan - Hingol National Park of Fairy Tales

Located in the Balochistan province of Pakistan, this piece of land is sure from the heavens. The Hingol National park is famous for the Makran Coastal Highway. The landscape which is one of the wonders of beauty is actually a wildlife hub of this province. In its vast structure, you will often encounter various species of mammals, amphibians, and birds. According to one report, there are as many as 35 species of mammal and twice as many or even more in the case of birds.

One of the finest sights you will see while traveling this land of beauty is the visual of an Ibex drinking water from the crystalline water of Hingol River. The Ibex is mountain goat species. They are beautiful brownish beings who are often seeing grazing. This land is their home.

Along with the Ibex sightings, there are also various other species living in wildlife that show themselves to the tourists from time to time. My favorite sight was once a crocodile in mud, waiting for its unfortunate oblivious prey to come closer and be devoured. This land is truly one of the wonders of Pakistan.

When I first visited this mystical place, I was expecting tropical landscapes. To my surprise, the region of Hingol National Park is desert-like. Dunes of drift sand are a common sight here. It also harbors a Hingol river which is a habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. My trip to Hingol National Valley consisted of several parts. It is worth mentioning that this classification is based on different points of the trip.

1.1 - The Sky Gazing Spot:

Before the entrance, there is a curved road which is accompanied by several pyramid-shaped hills. It is a simply beautiful sight in daylight. There is not much to see other than a curved road and the triangular hills nearby.

It was the mystical time of night which had left me stupefied. I knew now why was this called the stargazing spot. Never have I ever seen anything more mystical than thousands of stars brightly visible in the deep dark of sky at night. I knew that instant this place has this specialty. Watching stars while enjoying the mandarin radiance of campfire is something that you should experience at least once in your life. This spot is a wonder itself of the Hingol National park of Pakistan.

Hingol National Park One Of The Wonders Of Pakistan 2

1.2 - Princess of Hope:

While entering the valley, as we were passing through Makran, a figure of a woman standing proudly on a hill surprised us. It was when we passed near to it then we realized that it was a work of art by nature. This was apparently a natural rock formation. From a distance, it seems as if a hopeful woman stands tall, hence earning its name.

Hingol National Park One Of The Wonders Of Pakistan 2

1.3 - Kund Malir Beach:

Imagine taking a stroll barefoot across this beach. It is a stunning visual spot for lovers of nature. This beach comes in the way before reaching the park.

On a daily basis, the artwork of nature is formed many times as the sun changes its position. I had the luck of coming across the most stunning of visuals displayed during different times of the day. It was when the sun was setting. Its glimmering mustard rays bathed the cliffs nearby. Some of the sand particles reflected the sunlight, each shining like the sun in the sky, washed by crystal blue water every second minute. This scene was nothing less than a feast for the eyes. It proves true to claim that this place is one of the wonders of Pakistan.

Hingol National Park One Of The Wonders Of Pakistan 5

1.4 - Mountains of Hingol National Park of Pakistan:

When you imagine mountains, you usually imagine the typical image. The mountains of this place were completely different. Especially the bluestone mountains looked more like cleverly crafted by mother nature. I could see and amuse myself by the slopes of mountain supporting rectangular fort-like structure at their top. The mountain region is well spread and vast here. Vegetation is well accustomed to the weather and land. Grass that grows here is rough and coarse.

Hingol National Park One Of The Wonders Of Pakistan

1.5 - The Natural Oasis:

Although many places seemed like out of this world, this was the place that was truly breathtaking. It seemed as if the lines between fantasy and the real world blurred here.

As I entered, I saw the clean texture of polished rocks along with stony paths. In the shallow opening of some stone formations, crystal green water was gathered. Accompanying the water and stone formations, there were a few palm trees providing shade to weary travelers. I would describe further, however, I seem to have run out of words. This is an example of the beauty that should be experienced in person.

Hingol National Park One Of The Wonders Of Pakistan 2

1.6 - Mud Volcano:

I bet many of you didn’t know that there is something called a mud volcano. There actually is something which is called a mud volcano and it is present in this place. This attraction site is another wonder of Hingol National Park. The dried erupted black soil surrounding the circular mud volcano provides quite a sight.

Hingol National Park One Of The Wonders Of Pakistan 6Hingol National Park One Of The Wonders Of Pakistan 6

1.7 - Hungol River:

As we passed from this place, I could see the Ibex drinking the water. What caught my attention was that they stood on some of the most treacherous formations of rocks. These athletes of nature can easily frolic on surfaces that no one will even dare to walk on.

Hingol National Park One Of The Wonders Of Pakistan 7

1.8 - Nani Mandir:

It is a small Hindu temple located there. It is also one of the oldest temples in existence present in Pakistan. What makes it further interesting is its location. It is located in a mountain cavern on banks of river Hingol. The temple is of a Hindu goddess Sati. This temple is another attraction factor for tourists.

Hingol National Park One Of The Wonders Of Pakistan 8

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