How are Superheroes Related to Normal Human Beings

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1 - SuperHero Fantasy:

Admit one thing for sure!

Whenever we see superhero movies, we have desperately wished for the powers to exist in real life. Especially when the superheroes were created as new, we all were deeply inspired by their superhuman abilities. How we always wished and thought about how our lives would change if we were there instead of superman. How we would fret against the odds of life. How many things we could accomplish! And above all, we would be so much more than what we are right now!

Superheroes Resembling Humans 1

2 - Why Superheroes were Created at First Place?

Did you know that superheroes were not created for you to fantasize about your problems floating away? They were created to teach us about human nature.

I salute the writers nowadays who are creating depth in characters. The characters, often well designed, are some of the most notorious criminals or benevolent superheroes. They have rich backgrounds or stories and they also act human most of the time.

3 - The Origin of SuperHero Stories:

So what exactly is the origin of superhero stories? How do these relate to our real life in any way possible?

When asked about superman, one of the entertainment weekly critics said that superman inspires confidence. He is there to assure us that even us, normal human beings can achieve great things. The only difference is that superman has powers which he uses to save people from hazards. We on the other hand lack such abilities. So how does this relate to us?

Well, we want our opinions to be about normal life. The challenges we face depict the real challenges of life. When a disaster strikes in the life of superman, it represents the disaster in the form of daily life problems in our scenario.

Just like superman feels vulnerable, we also have our kryptonite stones. We easily give in to negative emotions. Then, if we conceptualize movies, we should pay notice of how a superhero reacts. The superhero learns a particular lesson about what aspect of their powers they were lacking. Much similar to what aspects we are lacking in our belief patterns! In fact, modern writers often convey excellent lessons in the form of self-help psychology. When that superhero overcomes that hurdle, he or she faces and defeats the particular villain. Much like how we face and defeat our inner demons by overcoming our own reservations!

4 - Bottom Line:

So what is the lesson here? My lesson to you all dear readers is that we are all superheroes in our own lives. We have plenty of demons to face. We are all unique in our own way. So, next time you wish for a superpower, you already have it in human form or more like a realistic form. See the basis of every superpower. You will find the related emotion and life ability inside you always!

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