Make this 2020 a Chance to Become a Fast Learner

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Learning is not a magical process that happens overnight. If you search for a definition of magic, it also defines it as making changes by supernatural means. Even the word magic we so much use takes time technically.

The best way to tune in with the evolution process is to keep learning. Keep the learning mode always.

We don’t get to wait around for miracles to make things happen. Miracles are a reality that happens after your strenuous effort. Don’t expect results to pop up even before you have tried anything.

1 - Accept the Change of the New Year 2020!

One of the most important aspects of learning is to accept change. When we change, we learn. It is as simple as that. The change aspect of us is evolving with time. How do we accept change? It is accepted by producing a willingness to learn. The learning aspect and change aspect support each other this way. We must strive to become good and fast learner.

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2 - Tips to Become a Fast Learner

Given below are several methods that you can pick up to keep learning. Always remember that every tip is already tried and tested method. Therefore, feel free to pick up whatever strikes your fancy. Modify, adjust or whatever you think is best for you.

2.1 - Take Notes:

When we are listening to something, or simply observing, trust me on one thing. No matter how important you listen, how attentive you were, the information needs the practice to retain in your mind. Taking notes will allow you to keep info as a fast learner.

We cannot practice every piece of information to commit it to our memory every time. We can do the second-best thing. We can find a way to preserve that information. How is that done? It is done by taking notes of information presented in front of us. You will start by becoming a fast learner.

2.2 - Be a Mentor:

It is when we learn to teach, we begin learning.

Mentoring others is the easiest way of retaining information. When you let information out, you easily retain it for a longer time. The act of teaching others also ensures you develop teacher qualities to tutor yourself for the future. There is no greater bliss than self-teaching and learning.

2.3 - Get a Mentor:

While it is impossible to get a mentor for everything that you wish to learn, getting mentors where it is possible is blissful. You get to learn from another person’s point of view. Not only this, the mentor’s guidance can lead you out of many mistakes which the mentor has made. You may never make such mistakes thanks to lessons learned. You will start by becoming a fast learner.

2.4 - Consider the Opponent’s view:

It is worth considering how your plan may fail. What are the possible causes due to which your logic is flawed or contains fallacy? When you start seeing the opposite side of your causes, you will learn so many things. These things are not possible to be learned when one-sided views are used in learning. The consideration of opposite views is very important in the learning sense.

2.5 - Feel Free to Ask:

When it comes to asking, we all suffer from phobias and social anxiety. We all try our best to learn on our own. It is far better to make mistakes and learn in a longer time than to ask. The reason behind fear is social anxiety. We may have a question which we may think of as too trivial. Yet the question may unlock many other doors for us the way it may never do for others. Everybody has their way of life. Their life has its version of answers. Even for the same question for everybody, everyone sees it from their point of view. Considering this, no question is without the potential for knowledge. Questions and their answers from experts allow us to become fast learners.

2.6 - Get Help:

One of the main hindrances in our learning is about getting help from others. We often don’t want to get help because of our self-confidence. Self-confidence is a great thing. However, too much confidence will hinder us instead of proceeding us forward.

One of the best things is a help when it appears. Instead of wasting an opportunity of receiving help, we should avail it. If help is possible to be availed in our journey of learning, it would be unwise to waste such an opportunity. Getting the right kind of help is another step towards becoming a fast learner.

2.7 - Keep Pointing out the Reasons for Your Failure:

The first step in evolution is to be aware of our weak spots. The weakest link in the chain is its strongest spot. The weakest points in our body maintain such flow of energy that if they are disturbed, the whole body will get disturbed regardless of how strong it is.

Similarly, the main point of evolution is also becoming aware of our flaws. We should make a list of all possible points which failed. Chances are, if these things failed, they will fail again. Overcome these traits before you set foot in risky territories. You will start by becoming a fast learner.

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2.8 - Accept your Ignorance:

Another best way to learn is to accept if you don’t know something. Often we care so much about our reputation, that we ignore our ignorance.

If you don’t know about something, no matter how obvious it is, learn to accept it. You will open the first step towards learning. Acceptance of your limits will help you become a fast learner. You will then exceed your limitations.

2.9 - Gratitude:

This is one of the most difficult yet most rewarding things one can ever accomplish. Even then, this gratitude habit has levels.

The point is to be grateful. It is that simple. Yet it is in no way easy especially if you are a pessimist. The main point is to be grateful for what we learned.

We often despise sometime of our life. I had the worst experiences in my college life. I graduated from there with nothing but bad memories and broken goals and pride. Yet I am grateful for my time there. I managed to find some friends worth keeping. I also underwent a toxic friendship that broke me, yet it made me in strangest ways. The college taught me to rebel.

The point is, no matter how the worse the situation is, you cannot complain. Yes, it is very tempting. But no! It is just rewiring your brain to focus on what you cannot change. That is past! Be grateful for what you possess and see how your life magically changes.

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