How to Boost Creativity Skills - Top Hacks to Make your 2020 More Creative

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Become the Creative Einstein!

When it comes to art vs. brain, we think in terms of portions of the brain. The brain’s left part is supposed to be dealing with art. The right portion deals with logic. There are people who have either the dominant art side or the logic side. Debates have been going on whether the left or portion of the brain actually deals with art or logic.

According to the philosophical explanation, the creative element is associated with unrelated thoughts or ideas. It is also the basis for innovation. According to modern studies, having a creative side has also been linked with survival. For example, if humans weren’t innovative in old eras, we wouldn’t be having so many inventions.

The Elusive Skill of Creativity

We link boosting creativity to odd or eccentric behavior. We also think that daydreaming is a part of creativity. This is true in a sense. However, the creativity which is employed in work has four parts. Clarifying, ideating, development of the idea and finally its implementation gives a whole pragmatic view to creativity. However, it is also worth mentioning that the development of these skills is not taught in schools. We have to be self-reliant to boost creativity. Therefore, the answer to the elusive question of how to boost creativity skills can be found inside.


Given below are several tips for everybody to enhance their creativity. Using these tips and hacks for creativity, you can make your 2018 a wonderful year. Hopefully, by the end of the year, you will become a creative genius.

2.1 - The Six Thinking Hats:

A brilliant psychologist formed the basis of this concept. Edward de Bono introduced the concept of six thinking hats for creativity. He published this in his book called, “Six thinking hats”. These exercises are psychological. They force our brain to move out of traditional thinking block. They form an excellent foundation for boosting creativity. In short, they are keys to boosting creativity skills.

* White Hat: This step involves focusing on the data which is already present. Linking the data to past trends and drawing conclusions is the key. The purpose is to fill any knowledgeable gap.

*Red Hat: The red hat step focuses on using your intuition. You are supposed to pair your intuition with emotion and gut reaction. It is also crucial to think about how others may respond. Form an idea.

* Black Hat: You then have to be critical. Think about how this idea won’t work. Think of all possible ways.

* Yellow Hat: See the positive side of this idea. What are the benefits of this idea you just formed?

* Green Hat: Become crazy with your ideas. Literally for a few moments, let your imagination run wild. Form unusual solutions. Who knows this may be the key to your solution. One of the ideas may be a jack spot.

*Blue Hat: You now have to imagine yourself as a leader of the thinking group. How will you let others come up with solutions?

2.2 - Change Your Patterns:

When you are constantly consumed by an idea, it will hinder your working pattern. Just focus on getting the task done without obsessing with it.

Suppose you have been writing articles for consecutive days. After each article, you have to take a break. Let your mind wander off to unknown valleys of thinking. Make sure you don’t switch to negative thoughts.

Some modern studies showed the importance of daydreaming. Daydreaming led to more creative problem-solving.

2.3 - Enjoy your Work:

Unless you learn to enjoy your work, you won’t get far. All you will do is get to a point where frustration will take over. Infuse your work with your purpose.

I have found myself getting frustrated from time to time when I started focusing on things like time or how much I have to cover. My half energy was spent on worrying about something. It was like 80% of problems were due to 20% of problems.

I found that by focusing on things that actually matter, we can get far. For example, if you are writing articles, you will want to focus only on writing. If you start worrying about how many words covered in how much time, it will be frustrating in the middle. You will never be able to finish it. Detaching your mind from worries takes time, but it is worth your energy. This will also boost your creativity.

2.4 - Self Challenge:

When you let your mind wander off too often, you will not be able to produce any good results. This is because there is no growth without challenges.

You have got to let yourself be involved in the challenges. Set simple goals and then focus on achieving them. Trust me on one thing. When you are doing the task, just focus on the task itself. If you want it finished before the time, please start early. There is no other way. Self-made challenges trigger your innovative side. They teach you to learn on your own through innovative methods.


2.5 - Self Understanding:

When you understand your own self, you will start working properly in this world. This works even better in the case of creativity.

Knowing the environment and your own triggers will boost up your performance. You will know how to react in a certain situation. You will also avoid things that hinder your creativity.

Self-knowledge is very crucial. Our creativity is fueled by many things. Those things are different in the case of every one. Know which things entice creativity within you.

2.6 - Brain Nourishment:

A healthy body will have a healthy mind. Unless you adopt a healthy routine, your brain will not function properly. A spent mind will not be much of help in boosting creativity. You will need to nourish your brain.

Spend some time daily in doing creative tasks that enhance your brain. They will be very helpful in the long run. Avoid things that impede your brain from thinking properly.


The tips to boost creativity skills can be concluded below.

1. Following the pattern of six thinking hats

2. Changing the way of thinking along with enjoying our work and understanding yourself.

3. Keeping good health generally especially of the brain.

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