How to Change Your Life Completely – Changing Life for 2020

Changing Life For Better

This year brings new promises and opportunities. Like every New Year, this one has special uniqueness.

If you have been lacking several things in your life, this is the article you want to read. Even if your life is going fine, there is always room for improvement. I am sharing tips here which will help you make your 2020 better. You have a wonderful opportunity to transform into a better version of yourself. We always have such profound changes when it comes to the New Year.

One thing you should know. In every problem, there is a solution. I know that you knew about that. There is another thing which is certain. Unless you learn to change either the situation or yourself, the problem will keep coming back. There is a saying in Buddhism about this. It is said that unless you have learned the lesson, the problem will keep coming back. There is a profound truth in it. Lesson learned is one of the first steps in changing a life.

There is another thing. I am going to share some tips with you which will allow you to ponder over the past. Many of us fear change. What we don’t understand is that change is best. Unless change occurs, life stops by one moment. Change is inevitable. In its rejection, we find suffering. In its acceptance, we find the ease we so blindly search for in momentary happiness.

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1 - 7 Habits to Change Your Life for the Better:

Don’t be forgetful to ponder over your past. This will allow you to learn and grow. Given below are some of the tips which will allow you to redesign your life.

1.1 - Staying Strong:

I wouldn’t have the guts to tell you this if you have lost someone or undergone intense sorrow. However, staying strong is misunderstood. We often mistake it with hiding emotions. Emotional outbursts are considered signs of weaknesses. They are most certainly not that. So what am I conveying here?

It is the mentality of all is lost which is the real culprit. It allows you to remain stagnant. It won’t let you grow past what you are currently holding…be it sorrow or temporary happiness.

What you need to do is develop a strong mentality. Don’t reject the negative emotions. But reject thoughts that all is lost or you are helpless. These thoughts are unnatural and must be rejected at all costs. You are bound to create life-changing patterns by this.

1.2 - Self Care:

Self-care is not procrastination. It is most certainly not always taking bubble baths or luxuriating. It is forcing yourself to be productive.

When it comes to self-care, some of us take the wrong meaning. Self-care comes with responsibility. It is being responsible for yourself.

1.3 - Watch your Self-Talk:

This is particularly important. Unless you become aware of your self-talk, you will never know the hidden words which hinder your progress. Psychology says that when we use too much of certain words, they go deep into our subconscious mind. There, they become a part of our personality.

Words like, “I can’t” or “I suck” are always harmful to you. When you speak self-sabotaging words, they become part of your personality. Whenever a new problem strikes, your mind will tell you that you cannot deal with it.

Switch to more empowering and positive wording. See how quickly you change.

1.4 - Intend for Better:

Keep your intentions for best. If you intend to cut back on your efforts because nothing is working, please don’t do any such thing. Don’t cut back on things that are necessary.

If you feel yourself working too hard and gaining nothing, it is not the work. It is rather the mindset you are working with. Change your way of thinking. Don’t change your goals ever. Don’t settle for less than what you want truly. Just keep trying. The right mental attitude with consistent action brings you the results you want. This also puts you on the step of your changing life.

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1.5 - Pump Up Creativity:

The creativity is one of the key tools for innovation and success.

Often we don’t want to try anything new. The fear of change binds us to our current position. We fear that if we change things, we may turn the worse side of life. Sometimes it isn’t even that. We know our constant routine is boring and least progressive. We just become adjusted to that stagnant approach to life. In this case, we fear change even more.

You need to try out better methods. Fuel up your creativity. Release the creativity to do things the better way. You need innovative approaches to turn life for the better.

1.6 - Trust Yourself:

Trust yourself. No one else will if you don’t.

Trusting yourself is a crucial step. Often we become so fearful of lessons, we resist change. We stop trusting that we can achieve something. This is never the case. Experience is the best confidence builder. Experience yourself performing the work. Working towards a goal is like a climbing staircase. You take steps, you climb up. Similar is the case of goals. The right steps will take you there. Wrong steps will tell you the right steps.

1.7 - Learning Attitude:

When we fail to learn from our failures, we are setting up ourselves to more failures. Unless we learn from our failures, we cannot progress to the next stage. There is also another stage of stagnancy. Often we find that a certain approach works for us. We fail to learn anymore.

Keep the learning option always open. Unless we do that, our evolution is at stake. As innovative beings of inventions, we are never too old to learn anything new.

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