How to Cure Boredom and Waste a Minute of your Life

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There are many cases in daily life when boredom strikes us. We become bland at our work. We become sick or sometimes face some grief while trying to concentrate on our goals. When such a disturbance in otherwise an active routine happens, it is no longer the time of concentration. We often struggle to even continue.

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1 - Tips for Curing Boredom

We are often so filled with frustration that it doesn’t even matter about anything other at all. All we want to do is to somehow continue. Here are effective tips for curing boredom:

1.1 - Starting your Day with a Positive Affirmation:

So what is the sole root or cause of boredom?

Often the work itself is not the issue. Often it is not the job. It is rather the boring attitude we have developed for something which is putting barriers on ourselves.

When we start the day, it is very important how we manage to do it. For example, if you always start your day off with “I cannot survive this any longer” or frustrating remarks or self-talk, the rest of your day will follow a similar suit.

Our minds are working better in the morning. This also means you are bound to create everlasting impressions which not only form the basis of your day but also form impressions about your other weekly days. Try it for yourself once. Try setting at least one day where you will start the morning with positive intentions and attitude. Try remembering that day for the rest of the weekdays. How will it feel?

For most of us, the boredom doesn’t start at work. It starts when you frustrate yourself by the amount of work waiting for you at the office. It starts when your mood is spoilt in the morning due to some reason. It is also spoilt due to our own remembrance of work as loading or strenuous.

Try being mindful of your environment. This is one of the effective hacks in curing boredom. You can notice the beauty around, that sunlight which bathes the land below or that rain which is washing away the silvery roads.

1.2 - Making the Workplace Interesting:

The environment where you work matters a lot. How so?

Our subconscious plays an enormous part when we are choosing something for our own. We are focusing on customizing our workplace to our liking. This will boost some of our creativity. Along with the creative side of the mind, we are also using our artistic side of the brain. Using both sides creates a balance that has a healthy and productive effect on the mind.

1.3 - Curiosity:

The cure for boredom is curiosity. And there has never been any cure ever for curiosity other than the stagnant mind, which is more of a disease than cure.

The curiosity is one of the things which allow you to use your mind to the fullest. When your thought patterns are changed, you look at the world with new eyes and thinking patterns. When this happens, there go all of your frustrations and bored feelings.

Let your imagination take over more often. Let your mind wander off sometimes. Just be sure not to let it wander too far. Do let the imagination run wild just not that much. The purpose is to let our minds flourish by new thinking patterns. Along with curiosity also comes the hunger for knowledge. This insatiable hunger for knowledge will produce purpose. This gives energy to productivity. Along with other benefits, a mind once stretched by new dimensions can never go back to being narrow again.

How To Cure Boredom1

1.4 - Active State:

One of the chief reasons why people get bored is simply because of the increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Often our life patterns revolve around nothing but eating and sleeping. Along with this, we also become more used to sitting and doing our work on a laptop or computer. Especially due to this new technology era, everything has been integrated into central systems or machines. Due to this, we now need only our cellphone or laptop to not only handle regular life tasks, but also tasks related to work or business.

This is a great advantage which also comes with one price. We have become lazier. This, in turn, makes us more prone to boredom. The boredom is one of the reasons why we become unproductive and hence start losing interest in our daily life or work.

Try becoming more active. Some of the tips for being active are incredibly stupid yet work like charm. Suppose you have an office job. No worries! You can do your job while standing. Try being more active in your life. Try approaching every problem with the mindset of progress instead of being burdened by it. Keep learning no matter where you are.

1.5 - Be Adaptable:

There is a quote which I would like to mention here. It states that you are not supposed to suffer because of bad situations. You have the choice to either change yourself or the environment. At a later stage, the mystical teachings say that whether you change yourself or the environment, the change is the same. The only difference is how much you have learned. You will be provided with different situations in your whole life. If you have focused on changing the environments every time, you will start your struggle as new always. However, if you have always learned to change yourself, the future is bound to become better and progressive.

That being said, what is the root cause of boredom? It is the constant state of working, not learning and focusing on only one thing. While this is not always bad, it can make us stiff bored. Instead if only we focus on our learning along with working, we will be making progress without boredom in no time.

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