How to Easily Earn Money Online in 2020

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1 - How to Easily Earn Money Online

So how does one easily earn money online? When it comes to earning money, there are tons of ways. The ways can either lead to instant cash or may include some long term methods. Regardless of the methods employed, there are many ways to make money online.

Earn Money Online

So how do you easily earn money online? The most fundamental element for making money either online or offline is discipline. If you are disciplined, you will dedicate time and effort to making money. The truth is that this modern era has made certain things very easy. Sometimes the CEO of online business requires nothing but an internet connection, laptop and a place to sit. Therefore, making money online easily is not a big deal anymore.

2 - Long Term and Short Term Goals

One of the other key points is to develop realistic notions and goals. You cannot become a CEO overnight. You will have to work hard. Secondly, whether you work from home or in the office, you will have to dedicate your time. If you don’t, you simply will not earn any money. There are seven main methods for making money online. These seven methods depend on every person’s specialty. Some can help you in getting fast cash. In my experience, one thing with fast cash is that it is not a hefty amount, especially for beginners. Some do it for earning pocket money.

Some methods point towards the long term goals. You will have to invest wisely, move with caution and plan subtly. This will lead towards a platform like an online website or company which will always make money. The only problem with the long term method I find is that people have to be passionate entrepreneurs. If you are in this just for fun, you are not getting serious enough. Sure you can still easily earn money online, you will not be able to earn enough to support your family or replace your job.

You will always want to go for more reliable methods of earning online money. However, there are two factors that you will need to remember. One is that you have time. You invest in time for long term planning. The other thing is money. If you prioritize properly, trust me on one thing. Time is far more valuable than money. Invest properly on time and you will find money flowing towards you in the future. Investing your energy on money will sure yield results much faster than the time investment. You just won’t be easy making online money.

What is the point of the above dilemma I just opened up to you?

3 - Time Vs Money

Time is one of the most valuable assets in making money online. You will not be making instant or long term money if you don’t have enough time. Suppose you already work at some nine to five job. When you do so, you are also trying to effectively try freelancing. It won’t work very well. Even if you succeed, the freelancing will take significant time and patience to develop properly. The point is to just succeed in getting enough time and managing it.

And there is another thing which forms one of the key points. You will need to have a patient and a planning mind. When you don’t get a customer in the first few weeks, you will still have to be there. Have patience and keep planning on how to improve it.

So which method is the best one which will generate quick money? All of them and yet none of them. Different methods are there for every person’s unique way of earning money online easily. The main ingredient you need is encouraging the behavior. Try shutting down the discouraging behavior of your negative self.

One more thing you may need to remember is that there is no shortcut. Those ads saying that someone is earning a few hundred dollars daily are a fraud. There is no online magical key or website which simply pays you to look at it. How is such a thing even possible? Think about it. Do you want to know the powerful secret? Well, the secret is that there is no shortcut. You have got to obtain that attitude. It is hard-earned cash. There is no other way.

4 - Passive vs Active Income

How does the process start in the first place? You will have to form a structure of principles in your mind rigidly. You will need to develop the needed to make real change. If you value your serious online earning, you will need to rely on passive income ideas. Don’t switch to the notion of active income yet. The entire focus should not be one-sided. In my opinion, we need to survive and thrive. Focusing entirely on active income will only lead to survival. Focusing only on passive income will produce a false notion of thriving which will be hard when your survival is at risk. The idea is to form a balance of two in your habits.

The passive income has its own merits. I have seen quite a few people who have put their entire wealth at risk to achieve something. While I did see them succeeding, such a feat is outright impossible for many people. While succeeding, there is a formula. You have to employ a strategy with passion.

Passive income will have to be focused on during a significant part of your time. You will work and be paid repeatedly. However, it will take time. While in active income, you know how much you will earn. As a result, you have to work for some amount of time. It is all a matter of balance. You will need active income support to proceed with your passive income goals. Where you start building enough passive income, you can gradually start shifting away from active income goals.

Go ahead and invest actually in your time. Even if you are not getting enough paid today, this means that you will be getting paid in the future. Invest everything you have got in building your links and your profile. Sure you will have enough ways to earn money including working for someone else. However, you will not have anything but the money at the end. This may be beneficial for the short term. In the long term, this contributes to nothing. This is the road with more benefits but more struggles and hard work too. Consequently, this is a road less traveled. Those who travel this road soon find themselves achieving the things they never dreamed of. Making money online easily comes naturally then.

I do not suggest leaving your active income completely behind since this may be stupid. Suppose you have zero experience in freelancing and are holding a good job. Someone puts in your mind the idea of owning your own business. Now if you leave your job the next day and start investing time in learning and building your online platforms, you will be taking a huge risk. Be ready to deal with failures, struggles, and hardships. This was a stupid move.

However, if you start giving time gradually, keeping the active income and working on passive income, you will be making progress. Then, you start developing the passive income set up to such a stage where you no longer need the active income anymore. Now you have finally achieved what you wanted to achieve in the first place.

Making a website is a sure way to earn traffic and promote your online services. However, there is another thing that is elusive to the owners. It is the habit of blogging. You will need to keep blogging and making progress. The blog is a sure way of making money online easily.

Given below are some of the tips for your online income idea.

5 - Finding Active Income from the Internet:

Now is a solution for solving the sudden financial needs. The phenomenon involved here is global connectivity. It is shared by smartphones and smart devices which we use daily. Working for some companies is what you will be doing here. These companies share their apps with common people on media. By the media, people hire their services, one of which you will be providing. It is worth mentioning that these apps are found online. You will not be sitting at home while doing these tasks. It is the idea that these companies can be accessed online. You can apply for their jobs on the internet and then serve them.

1. You can drive for companies like Uber, Lyft which are pretty much everywhere. There are many such companies. One known as Careem is hiring new drivers in Pakistan. You can drive for them and earn some pretty decent money. These jobs also require no special skills other than proper driving skills and need to obey the driving rules and laws. You do need to own a working automobile. The driver apps can be downloaded anywhere.

2. There are many companies which require you to deliver their products and services to other people. While some of these may require special skills, some don’t require anything other than basic decency. You can work as a postman for the company, “Postmates”. You can similarly do other delivery jobs. There is quite a chance you will not even require anything other than your normal ride.

3. There are also some companies that hire you to perform some surveys or watch some of their online shows. You get paid as a result.

All of these tips share the idea of doing a job yourself. In most of the scenarios, you can search for these kinds of jobs that require little to no skill. You can easily look for these jobs on the internet.

Make Money Easily Online

6 - Earning Platforms:

Now starts the platforms which will easily make you money online. Again, like all face to face dealings and business investments, you will be required to either invest in a passive or active income system. I recommend a combination of both since it is very feasible to earn actively while investing for the long run gradually.

Time devotion is a must in every situation. Even if you enjoy, you devote some time to the enjoyment. Similarly when you work, regardless of place, you will have to devote some time. Given below are some of the websites that will allow you to earn a lot. It is worth mentioning here that you will require several areas of specialty for performing these jobs. The websites given below are freelancing platforms. These freelancing platforms only provide jobs to the people who are skilled in something.

6.1 - Craigslist:

This is somewhat an all-purpose website. It does allow earning money easily online. You can rent and even sell stuff on this website.

Suppose you are also good at something. You can do it for some money. Whether you are a graphic designer or some writer, you can also offer your services here. It is a global market as well as a freelancing platform.

6.2 - Upwork:

This is one of the freelancing platforms. The Upwork is a website that allows the professional marketing of all sorts of services. Whether you are a professional writer, an artist or an engineer, you can earn here. Right now there is a problem with this website. The sellers have somehow exceeded the buyers so they don’t allow any novices to come. Only the best and professional freelancers are here on this website.

6.3 - Cafe Press:

Are you a designer? Have you some good graphic designing skills? Well, this website offers you amazing opportunities for designing. Whether you are a digital designer or a good Photoshop user, you can earn a decent amount of money here. You will be charged some commission here on this website. However, you will always be satisfied. Other than working from home, you will also not be dealing with many issues that you will have to in-person to person business.

6.4 - Fiverr:

When it comes to the platform for the novice sellers, Fiverr is undoubtedly the best. It was started by Israeli entrepreneurs in 2010. The incredible thing about Fiverr is the flexibility of gigs. I have seen professional service providers who have had the experience of years. I have also seen gigs such as pranks or acting stupid for a price. One of the hilarious yet famous money-making gigs was about someone wearing a horse head and saying anything the buyer wants them to. The conclusion, it is a platform suitable for nearly anything and any service. The only rule they have is no violent or potentially law-breaking gig.

The downside is that it is not the best platform for the sellers. However, experienced freelancers and sellers are easily reaching the top without a problem. The key is to learn to deal with all kinds of buyers. You can also earn money by simply offering professional technical or non-technical services.

6.5 - Mechanical Turk:

When it comes to performing human-intelligence tasks, mechanical Turk is the website you will want to check out. The defect with this kind of earning is that there is not much rapid growth. You will often have to do a lot of work and earn a small income. Be ready to put in a lot of time if you are considering this option.

6.6 - OLXcom:

When it comes to buying and selling, is the website you are looking for. Other than this, many other websites offer the perfect platforms for buying and selling reliably. What you may want to do is exactly what has been waiting for you on these websites. Don’t you like that old fridge? Put it on here. Just make sure the stuff is not too broken or out of use. Nobody likes to buy that

Make Money Easily Online 2

7 - Online Markets and Stores:

When I say online stores, I don’t mean just for buying. I already mentioned a website above which is a perfect platform for buying and selling stuff. There is also an option for running an online business and owning online stores. Owning an online store that sells hardware products or online services is something different from freelancing. In freelancing, you will only need to make an account, introduce yourself a bit and get in the game. Somehow it is like doing a sort of job for the company in which you will get paid when you get work. The other thing is the website owner. This is because owning a services website is like owning a store or company. You will need a paying platform, and refund service and similar things. Most importantly, you will need lots of traffic. So where will you get all of this?

The main thing here is that this is equivalent to some serious business. The more I look up to the trends going on, perhaps the future is going to be all about online business. All services would have to be provided by online businesses and stores. Given below are some platforms which are going to be a big help if you are considering earning money online easily. You must know that this easily earning money will come later. First, you will have to do what is necessary. Go through hard steps diligently.

7.1 - Shopify:

You must have heard about this platform several times. You will need an SSL certificate to open up that e-commerce store you have been dreaming of for so long. You can open up a variety of stores on this platform.

7.2 - FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon):

You can start selling one of the biggest stories in the world. This is all when you don’t have to build up traffic. You also will not be worrying about building infrastructure by yourself. All you will need to do is sign up here and upload your soft products like eBooks or something similar. All you will worry about is a commission that Amazon services take. Even that is not much of a big deal. Especially when compared to the automated services and removal of unnecessary procedures, the commission is not a big deal.

8 - Affiliate Selling

Ever heard of affiliate marketing? It is when you are writing for another product or company. When you involve yourself in this process, the process is a bit similar to freelancing. Except here, you don’t have to wait for a client to appear and choose you for the service. Unlike many other platforms like, you will need to have a significant amount of experience. You will also need a proper portfolio. Keep in mind that this is the kind of job you are getting. Nearly all of the large companies have their affiliate programs. Therefore, they have plenty of reasons to reject your application. Unless you are incredibly skilled, you may have to wait a bit.

This is not to say you shouldn’t try. You should keep trying. The reason why I mentioned above statements is that if you don’t get an affiliate marketing job immediately, don’t be disappointed. Companies are also hiring new emerging talents. Who knows? You may be one of them. You will need to keep gaining experience and chances to learn new things.

One more thing that I almost forgot to mention is that affiliate selling requires some background. If you are considering the option of easily earning money online, you may want to keep a backup in case you are not selected. This is because you will need a website with a lot of traffic. Companies will require seeing your portfolio which is the website that you are developing. The great social platform is also worth your time. It is the audience that companies are after. So if you have a powerful writer’s platform already developed, you are also good to go.

9 - Starting a Blog

When it comes to one of the sustainable income sources, blogging is a worthy option. The only downside here I see is that you will need to build enough traffic so that this becomes your income source. If you are considering the option of easily earning money online, you will have to wait a bit in terms of blogging.

Some people think this is not true. Who will want to read your blog? Who will be interested in what you wish to convey?

Well, this is true. I mean why people will want to read your blog? However, you will need to think about this yourself. This is because it is in your hands. Think about it. What is one thing every top blogger does with her/his blog? Everyone posts information about the latest trends which are interesting, posts about problems and their solutions. These are the things people wish to read.

Do some research about what is going to be your focus? Do you wish to excel in one side or create an all-purpose website? Do you wish for something like political blogging or lifestyle issues? This will automatically decide your next step. Deciding whom to write for… Search your audience and their interests.

You will also need to pay close attention to several skills like search engine optimization and marketing. Depending on how good your marketing is, your blog will attract a lot of income from traffic generated. If you are a writer, you will need to create a good writing platform. Publishing in this era is something that has been made tons easier. Special thanks to modern tech are in order here. Other than this, you can also publish your writings as eBooks on Amazon. This will naturally build up enough traffic for your website.

10 - Email Marketing

You will want to create email software here. This, in turn, will allow you to create a lead magnet. You can boost up your sales funnel by this method. When starting, you won’t earn much. Become a pro and you can earn as much as 1$ per subscriber. Now imagine having 10,000 subscribers. This would be a dream coming true.

There is naturally something about the internet you may want to check. If something is too good to be true, it usually is. The goal of easily earning money online exists. You just don’t reach that goal quickly. You have to go through a lot of things to achieve such a goal. Other than this, you will also need to invest in your time.

What another thing you should be wary of is the number of subscribers. You will need to reply to the emails with as much quality as possible. This is the reason why you should check what you write in your emails.

There are tons of resources by which people can naturally pour into your list. The people are sure to follow whatever strikes their fancy best. Be sure that it is your platform and website which is found by skilled marketing. This will lead them towards you.

11 - Webinar Training

Now, this is something that only professionals do. My advice to everyone trying this is that be a professional in something before arranging the webinars.

One of the famous entrepreneurs Russell Brunson says that if you arrange a particular audience for webinars every week, you will be a millionaire at the end of the year.

As much dreamy as this sounds, you will want to hold a good audience. You will also need to reveal those methods in teaching people which helped you reach whatever successful position you are at.

In some cases, you don’t even need to be somewhat professional or some millionaire. Suppose you are a best-selling author or someone who has published a lot of books. What you will need to do is to guide people by sharing a few proven tips on webinars every week. This has the potential of generating a huge amount of revenue provided the audience is well matched.

The successful platform for the webinar is GoToWebinar. This is a very successful platform. There are others out there on the internet. However, you don’t have chances of finding any other which even comes close to this platform.

With all of the above-provided information, there is a final statement for you. There are always chances of easily earning money online. All you will need at first is a support active income and desire to develop passive income streams. From time to time, you will need to develop more passive income streams. These passive income streams will then help you reach your goal. You will end up becoming your boss which is second to none. It is a huge achievement. However, you will require a lot of sweat. You will have days of full-fledged effort in which you would have earned nothing. All the effort in these days will prove itself to you later.

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