How to Sleep Less - Tips for Controlling Sleep and Work More

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1 - Sleep Hacks to Adjust your Routine

Do you want a way to sleep less and do more? You will find ways to better productivity here. Along with productivity, you will learn to sleep less.

Sleeping Less Risks

Just wait a minute. The above statement looks suspicious. Chances are if something is too good to be true, it usually is. Sleep hacking is surely a useful skill; however, sleep is something that shouldn’t be messed with. When you are interested in optimizing your sleep, sleeping less is something you should be aware of. However, never… and I mean it…never ever try to adjust for insufficient sleep. If you want to sleep less than 6 hours for maximum performance, please stop! This will lead to constant fatigue and henceforth, a substantial decrease in your mental and physical capacity.

The title as some of you may think is not misleading. I knew that people will want to read how to sleep less. We all want to adjust our productivity.

Before you start reading the actual tips on how to sleep less, you may want to read the following paragraph.

1.1 - Risks of Sleeping Less

If you have read my article on how to sleep enough, you will come to know the signs of restful sleep. If you, however, feel lazy due to oversleeping, this article is perfect for you. Below there, I mentioned a few points which you will need to consider.

Sleeping Less Risks

1.1.1 - Do you Need to Sleep Less?

If you feel tired all the time, you simply need more sleep. If you want to feel refreshed within an unrealistically short span of time, such a feat is not possible. Let’s be realistic here. You cannot always adjust to four-hour sleep every time. It may work for three days maximum or more based on your stamina. Eventually, the signs of restlessness and fatigue will kick in. When that happens, you may want to drop the act of evergreen activeness.

Sleeping Less

1.1.2 - Health Issues:

The lack of sleep may manifest as an increase in weight or other health issues in the long-term. You may want to maintain good health before you start a routine of decreasing sleep hours. The other thing you will want to know is that you have a limit. You cannot switch to two hours of sleep and maintain a healthy lifestyle at the same time.

Health Issues

1.1.3 - Sleeping at the wrong time:

You will want to keep a balanced lifestyle of challenging workouts and diet. This has to be paired with proper sleep. Otherwise, your body will tire soon and there goes the plan of increasing productivity! End result…you will sleep even more than before, upsetting your routine.

Wrong Time Sleep

All in all, try adjusting your routine especially if you already sleep merely for 5-6 hours maximum. You won’t need to search for how to sleep less. Search for proper sleeping tips instead.

1.2 - Hacks for Sleeping, Less

Back to the original topic! So if you are a heavy sleeper, easily managing 10-12 hours within the bed, you will need this guide to lead a balanced and healthy style of life. Given below are some tips to control this sleep overload.

Being Lazy In Bed

1.2.1 - Same Alarm Time for Waking up:

Practice waking up the same every day no matter the emergency. For adjusting to waking up at the same time in the morning, try going to bed early. The same time of waking up will give your life some form of structure. It also prepares you for later tips.

Same Time For Waking Up

1.2.2 - Go at least a few minutes late:

Before your usual sleeping time, adjust yourself to going a few minutes late than usual. No matter what illusion bed is showing you, this simple trick may save you from oversleeping. Keep on adding more minutes. In my advice, go for five to ten minutes. This habit develops strongly when done for at least a week.

Few Minutes Later

1.2.3 - Keep Adding more minutes before sleep:

You will want to increase your minutes before going to bed. Remember, only do as much as you can afford. The hacks for how to sleep less are not to be treated as jokes. They can lead to serious consequences if you already are sleeping less. When you accomplish the routine of sleeping 6-7 hours per day, it is time to stop. For a perfect result, keep track of how many minutes to add before going to bed. Keep a record of minutes added on a daily basis.

Even More

1.3 - Conclusion:

Based on your routine, you may want to have either segmented or continuous sleep. Either one depends on your personal lifestyle. You do, however, need to sleep for at least 7 hours a day for the best performance. It is often said that quality is better than quantity. In case of your comfort, both are equally needed.

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