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When it comes to following your dreams, we all face different struggles. It is really difficult to follow the thought if it will result in failure. What is even worse is the discouraging behavior of other people. When it comes to the following passion and creating a new world of their own, people tend to select the typical house and wife dream for themselves. In my opinion, working on no goal is an accepted nightmare made to look good by illusion.

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1 - There are Two Kinds of Problems when Following your Dreams

In my opinion, there are two kinds of Problems when following your dreams:

1.1 - Family Pressure

The first problem is family pressure. Our family constantly asks us to do several things. They don’t want us to walk a certain pathway. We are afraid of getting hurt. We are afraid of facing grief if we fail. So we decide to follow the same road that our brothers or sisters followed, only to discover there are difficulties waiting there too.

1.2 - Wrong Direction

The other thing is following a dream blindly. Suppose you graduate from engineering college. You say you have a passion for music. So your next aim is to form a band and start rocking. You also live in an area where the concept of bands is non-existent. So you wish to be a trendsetter. You also wish to achieve your dream of being one of the best singers or bands in the world. I would suggest waking up and see what you already have. Abandoning what we have gained or what we have over these years is no solution to your problems. If you are trying to escape the difficulties, that is impossible. Difficulties will always surface up no matter where you are and which path you follow.

Wake Up And Follow Your Dreams

The point is, I am a huge fan of dream following. However, I am also a fan of taking sensible decisions. The thing is you have got to follow something that is for certain. However, you also have to follow things that are within the approach. If you don’t do so, you are most likely to fall. Trying out completely new things is a good idea. But if it makes all the time that you spent previously in hardships an obsolete thing, then it is not worth it. Even if you manage to succeed in producing the results you have always wanted, you will have to work a lot and wait a lot.

2 - Tips that will help you in Making a Bold Decision

Given below are some of the tips that will help you in making a bold decision.

2.1 - You are not Here to Survive:

Whenever someone says to me that it is becoming increasingly difficult in this world to live on, I reply it is on us.

Do Not Give Up

When you are seeing the world problems or doing chores while thinking of how difficult it is bound to become later, always remember that this is life. We are most certainly not living our life properly if we keep on worrying about the future. We are not being true to ourselves if we follow family suggestions too much or seek help from others. You are not here to survive. You are here to create your own world. The amount of work is the same. In one condition, you are required to face the victim mentality and be the follower of someone else. In another mentality, you are victorious in creating a new world for yourself. What do you wish to choose?

While writing this, whoever reads this, I wish you follow your passion and your dreams. I truly wish you the best of luck on your path.

2.2 - Criticism is Appreciated:

Without movement, there is no such thing is proceeding forward. Consider one thing. What happens when we walk? We move forward by pushing past the ground. The ground pushes us forward.

The same is with criticism. The constructive criticism will do you so much good that you cannot even imagine the evolution you will be leading yourself into. When it comes to criticism, I agree some are there to just make fun of you. While some may be there to only tear you apart, the genuine critics can actually point you in the right direction. You must constantly be on the lookout for such critics.

The criticism often allows us to look at our own progress from another person’s point of view. When we do so, new ideas of evolution and improvement may surface up. It is when these ideas surface up when we are ready to go forward. Even if it is a wrong criticism, there may be an opportunity for growth in it.


However, if the criticism is outright stupid, I would advise ignoring such comments. No one has lived your life.

2.3 - Make sure Nothing is too much at Risk:

Who doesn’t face risks when trying out new goals? Who is not prone to failure when reaching out to greatness?

The only one who fits the above categories is someone who doesn’t follow his/her passion. However, you must make sure of one thing. The risks are surely there. However, there is also a thing called risk management. If you make sure to involve that management, your process will be best.

Always make sure you are not abandoning any experience to start a new. After a failure, you have to look at failure and learn from it. You have to keep going regardless. However, if you put everything on the line, including your money and support over something which you have zero plans about, you are putting yourself in a huge unmanageable risk.

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