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1 - Tips to Finally see that Rising Sun you Heard About!

So are you a night owl? Do you have zero trouble in staying up all night? Having a hard time waking up early?

In this society, the concept of staying up all night is a complex one. It is said that success comes to those who wake up early. Then there is also a saying that 5 a.m. is the time when legends are either sleeping or waking up. It makes no sense at all!

1.1 - We are Day workers!

Honestly, if it were up to me, I would simply wake up early and go to bed at proper timing. The problem is not with the routine. The problem is with our system which has often been hardwired to follow nature. We are naturally early birds. There are those who adjust their routines at night. However, when it comes to society, we are day workers. We work constantly in a system that operates by day and rests by night. Considering this, you may want to sleep early and be the early bird.


There is another thing you should consider regarding this. Our natural flow of energy is utilized as we go with the flow. Since we are mostly hard-wired to perform well in the mornings, waking up early is a useful skill. Some do adjust their productivity to function best at night. However, those usually face difficulties in keeping this routine for long.

I am going to mention a few tips which helped me refine my messy routine. While reading these, keep in mind that these tips follow some general behaviors. They will help you form your own habits.

1.2 - Why Wake Up Early:

Believe it or not, without specifics, there is no routine. You aren’t a robot programmed to follow. You are a questioning human being.

Without telling yourself the reason, your brain won’t follow it. Trust me. Even blindly the following something has a subconscious purpose. Therefore, without purpose or strong logic, you won’t form a permanent habit.

You must ask yourself this. What is going to be the advantage of waking up early? How are you going to benefit from this habit?

Then convince yourself. Point out the benefits you will be getting. Point out strong benefits about waking up. How will they help you? One of the benefits I had was starting early. It was getting a beneficial head start. You can make yourself wake up early.

1.3 - Go to Bed Early:

Isn’t it obvious? Go to bed early to wake up early in the morning. Well, there is a reason here. I brought this simple point to tell you this.

This is the most important part of self-control. Often we think that by going to bed late at night, we can force ourselves to wake up early. It never happens.

Form a strong habit of going to bed early. For starters, form a habit of a ritual. It may be washing your face and slipping into comfortable clothes. It can also be drinking warm milk or eating a sandwich. Anything which strikes your fancy can become your daily ritual of sleeping. Over time, your mind will associate that with sleep. As soon as you do that ritual, your eyelids will become heavy. You can make yourself wake up early.

1.4 - Make the Environment Comfortable:

Make your environment as comfortable as possible. There is a reason for it. Suppose you live in a noisy street. You have just performed your nightly ritual. After that, you go to sleep. If the street is noisy and you haven’t done anything to make your environment noise proof, your sleep will be disturbed.

Other than the noise, there can also be other factors like bright lights in the room. The vibrant environment can be the cause of lesser sleep. Adjustment of the environment is an important factor. This is because the environment is going to help you. If you turn off all the lights at night, you will sleep well. Other than this, make the environment of your room as comfortable as possible.

1.5 - No Napping, Please!

Sometimes, the napping is not because you are tired. They are simply because you feel drowsy. Feeling drowsy is not entirely dependent on fatigue. Even if you have slept straight for 8 hours, you will feel sleepy in cold weather. The drowsy feeling can also depend on various factors. Some of them include a too comfortable environment, a lazy day or similar reasons.

The point of the matter is that make your day as productive as possible. You will not be productive if you nap in the day. You will then wake up late at night. You will again disturb your routine this way. These power naps should not be more than five to ten minutes long.

Wake Up

1.6 - Keep Yourself Motivated:

Motivation can provide a big boost to your life. Sometimes the reason behind disturbed routine can be as simple as boredom. When you got a busy routine, keeping yourself working like a robot is not going to pay off. You need motivation. Always remember that you are a human being. Thinking, feeling human being! You need motivation constantly.

Many things can be a provider of motivations. They can be fictional novels, inspirational quotes or remembering what you want. The aim is to strike a balance of motivation and a detached mind.

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