IBM Watson - How is it Turning Business World Towards AI?

In case if you don’t know, IBM Watson is the business platform for the AI. Machine learning is taking over everything nearly. The IBM Watson has covered a broad range of industrial applications. As machine learning is learning new levels of growth, the possibilities are like drops in the ocean. In short, they are literally endless. They are nearly everywhere. From the cooking involved in 65 recipes to the embracing of new programs, from cuisine to space stations, the AI is showing its dominance. This is because as human technology is increasing in its size, the data is becoming insanely large to be handled by human capacity. Therefore, IBM Watson is making sure that Artificial intelligence is taking care of this large data. One of the reasons why the AI is taking over can be that as the world is progressing forward, we need intelligent systems which don’t need spoon-feeding always.

Other than being the AI service provider, IBM Watson is also procuring new positions in the business world.

1 - Advanced Treatments for Patients

When it comes to the treatment of deadliest diseases, we hold onto the past records. This is because we are largely dependent on past references. What we may be lacking all this time is pretty much cognitive analysis.

What IBM did is take a huge leap from where the clinical centers are present. Such an approach also helped to reduce the mortality rates and causalities as a result of deadly diseases. Who knows there may come a time when we have a cure present for Cancer and Aids. Nonetheless, IBM Watson is taking over the business of the medical world by storm due to its artificial intelligence.

Ai In Hospitals

2 - Improving Quality – Reducing the Money Spent

The old methods largely require a lot of human effort. In designing the products, we also don’t know the peak of quality. Everything keeps getting better always. Now imagine taking a huge leap from here and landing on one of the most quality products.

IBM is taking over the product designing industry by bringing the AI. Now instead of human checkers, there are machines employed that are trained by AI. This results in end results being much more refined and purer than their human counterparts.

As a result, the quality of brands is increasing. Due to this, brands end up saving a significant portion of their money. This is because the money spent on quality insurance is now being used much lesser than it needed to once.

Creating Ai

3 - High-Value Loans

We all know the eligibility towards deriving the loan offers. The loan offers are shrouded in different mysteries like incomes, savings, age, banking records and types of employment. When we want the loan, a hefty calculation process occurs when human employees are involved. It can take sometimes a lot of days, weeks even before the payment comes out. As a result, a lot of people are basically withdrawing requests. This gives the businesses so much loss.

With IBM, it is now possible to replace the human error system with an actual machine system. The machines don’t take too long in calculations. The AI system is known for handling a large amount of data. This can be one of the reasons why IBM is required here too. When IBM showed up with its system of AI, it proved that the days of calculations and procedures were reduced to minutes. Something this fast and progressive is impossible to not take note of. Therefore, the businesses in the banking system gave immense value to IBM, replacing their old system with this one.

High Value Loans

4 - Farmlands are Getting Safer

One of the most concerning issues we were having was in the world of agriculture. This is because the farmlands are almost impossible to be analyzed when it comes to predicting disasters. There may be a famine next year.

What we might have been lacking was actually the cognitive analysis. The machine learning provides just that. IBM is taking over even this field as well or so it seems. AI is taking over everything. Now the farmlands are getting better and safer from loss.

Remote Funcitonng

5 - Remote Functioning Improved

The remote functioning is the thing that has improved significantly. It has shown the most obvious rate of improvement ever since artificial intelligence took over. IBM actually did a favor by introducing artificial intelligence here.

Remote Funcitonng

6 - Robots Functioning in Chats

The robots are used in nearly everything. However, when it comes to personal contact, the robots once failed…it was once. However, as the chatbots emerged, the chats with robots on social media platforms became better and even more personal and customized. The chatbots made sure of this. Due to their ability to take in large amounts of data and responding accordingly, IBM stepped in and introduced AI to evolve the chatbots.

Chatbots Header

7 - Conclusion:

IBM is a business platform for artificial intelligence. We are seeing IBM prevalent in every business. The businesses and the modern world is getting a new touch of AI due to increasing evolution. This is because the modern world is introducing a large number of data, which can only be handled by cognitive systems. Artificial intelligence has proved to be one of the best cognitive systems from time to time.

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