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ICQ is one of the messengers which are of an instance type. The messenger was introduced in 1996 by the Israeli company, “Mirabilis”. It is currently under the ownership of Digital Sky Companies.

Ever since its manufacturing, ICQ messenger has been quite innovative in its features. The app included many trending applications that were not available anywhere else before. This is one of the reasons this messenger type was and still is one of the trendiest. Some of its features included but were not limited to,

  • Offline and free messaging
  • Multiplayer gaming capabilities
  • Emoticons and file transfer.

The ICQ messenger also provided with special featured programs that allowed its users to send greeting cards on special occasions like Christmas or other holidays or special functions.


Coming to a marked distance from its beginning, ICQ messenger has involved a lot of features that are new and have eased the usage for users. Many versions have been released of this messenger app which has been modified according to modern systems. One such example is the release of the beta version for Mac operating systems. This version was also applicable to a Linux operating system.

Given below are features that will convince you to go for the option of ICQ Messenger download.

Table of Content

1 - ICQ Latest Features:

The latest ICQ messenger app is a much user-friendly and modified version which includes but is not limited to simple ways of communication. It includes new trendy designs, free audio and video calls for individuals and groups and so much more.

1.1 - Secure Video and Audio Calls:

The video calls are secure for users’ feasibility. All of the calls are encrypted. The users must have trust in this app because it provides a way to keep their conversations private.

1.2 - History Synchronization Calls:

The feature is integrated for your comfort. No matter which device you operate ICQ on, your conversation history will always be present there. All past messages which you sent will be stored in your message history on multiple devices you use.

1.3 - Voice Messages:

With this new feature, the ICQ brings the opportunity for you to actually send your recording of a voice message to anyone. Make a cut above general messages by sending a voice mail.

1.4 - Live Chats:

The ICQ messenger app allows you to hold a live chat. Find your friends, coworkers or family and hold a live chat in group form or between two people just.

1.5 - Bright Stickers:

This is a colorful feature that is just there for making your chats more meaningful than bland texts and boring linear texts. Express your mood with more than just words. Use stickers indicating your expressions.

The above-mentioned features are just a glimpse of the real thing. Download ICQ Messenger and experience first hand all the above features and more.

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