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With this masterpiece product of Apple, you will learn to enjoy your videos like never before. Whether it is learning to create videos, or simply basic editing, iMovie App is your companion like no one else. This software continues to be proved as incredibly easy yet delivering powerful movie-making features. You also have the option of creating stunning slideshows of photos if you want to.

The only downside is that it has been released for Mac OS. Apple hasn’t released any version of iMovie for the windows. However, when one considers its Hollywood style video editing and making, one grows to love this software.

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1 - iMovie App Features:

Given below are some of the features which will make you want to go for the iMovie download.

1.1 - Powerful Video Editing:

You can merge, split, crop or simply cut the video clips; the iMovie will provide the best of tools. Along with this, you can easily organize the video, audio, and titles in a user-friendly timeline.

1.2 - Fancy Slideshow:

The fancy slideshow is possible using iMovie. Whether it is a simple or sophisticated theme for your picture slideshow, you can add smooth looking transitioning which is the feature of this software.

1.3 - Share Movies without Effort:

You have the option to share your movies without much effort. Enjoy as you watch the movies and involve your family and friends for friendly discussions.

iMovie despite being only launched for limited platforms shows strong promise. Download iMovie App and check yourself if the software is worth your time!

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