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We are all subjected to failures. We all face heartbreaks. When it comes to facing problems, all of us get broken most often. The cause of low self-confidence can be anything. It can be failed relations, problems at home, low grades, and many other sabotaging factors. The list is a huge one.

1 - We are all Underconfident in Our Own Ways!

One thing I will make very clear that low self-confidence is always there. It is present in everyone in one form or another. So if you work on yourself, you cannot imagine overcoming it in all aspects. Instead, focus on what is impeding you from reaching your goals. Remove low confidence from there first. It is never the destination. It is the journey that teaches us a lot. This is a major key to improving your self-confidence.

2 - 6 Keys to being More Confident in Life:

In this article, I am going to share my tips on self-empowerment with you. These few tips helped me greatly when once I was a gloomy and sad individual. These few tips helped me overcome my victim mentality. This was very important in keeping me healthy and together. The low self-confidence although it can increase due to peer pressure and not fitting in, majorly stems from family issues. You don’t necessarily have to belong to a harsh family. Sometimes over pampering can also lead to low self-esteem and dependence.Self Confidence

2.1 - Pain - One of the Keys to becoming more Confident in Life

The thing about life is that these things make our life worth it. Forgive me if I made you angry over this statement. You must have lost someone. I have no right to say that stressful changes make life worthy. However, what if I told you that change is inevitable? We cannot fight against it. We can never stop or change it. We, can, however, change ourselves to perform best.

The causes of low self-confidence often stem from parents. Some of us face harsh criticism on everything from our mother and father. This builds up fear of everything which is new. Our parents are trying to make us avoid the mistakes they did. In doing so, they sometimes lower our self-confidence. Another reason can be the most obvious. The failure to try and be disappointed makes us suffer. In order to never suffer again, we create suffering in the form of low self-confidence.

The problem is not the problem itself. The issue is our behavior. When we approach something with obsession or doubt, we produce shaky results, if any at all. What we want is control of ourselves. We don’t need to conquer the problem. We need to conquer ourselves. When we have control of our emotions, we inevitably overcome low self-confidence.

2.2 - Do a Comforting Activity:

For some people, going to a shower can be very comforting. The thing about self-confidence is that it creates depression. This tip is mainly for overcoming depression but it helps here too. You have to pick something which comforts you. Believe it or not, think of this. In that thing, you don’t worry about anything. It is just you and that activity.

Find a way to carry such things around. Whenever you are having moments of low self-esteem, comfort yourself. See the magic happening then.

2.3 - Dress Nicely:

How you present yourself can speak volumes about you. This will not only have an effect on others, but it will also affect you in the long run. When you dress nicely, you raise your confidence. Give thought to what you want to wear. Dressing properly can be a huge boost. It can influence the way you approach people. Always try looking nice and presentable. When at home, we can choose to dress comfortably. When outside, we should be looking presentable.

2.4 - Empowered Thinking:

Don’t be cruel to yourself. When you start thinking of yourself as low and unworthy, you are being cruel to yourself. Instead of focusing on what you lack, think of what you want to achieve. You must think of yourself positively. No one is going to respect you unless you learn to respect yourself first. Empowered thinking is not selfish thinking. The two have a fine line between them.

Try building a positive self-image in your own mind first. See yourself as a leader. See yourself as someone who is worthy of happiness. Make it a regular thinking pattern.

2.5 - Stop Thinking Negative:

The added step in empowered thinking is that you stop negative thoughts. Why is that? And more importantly, how is that possible?

First of all, I must tell you that stopping negative thoughts doesn’t mean stopping them forever. You will still think like a human. The point of the matter is to stop unnatural thinking.

A few thinking patterns are actually unnatural thinking patterns. For example, when you talk to someone, you always feel they are trying to criticize you. When you are alone, you are constantly thinking about negative scenarios. If you find yourself replying to fights that never occurred anywhere other than in your head, it is time to stop. This is what serves as a major key to becoming more confident.

Condition your mind to block negative thoughts. I am not talking about stress. I am talking about self-sabotaging thoughts. This is entirely possible. The modern world people are doing it.


2.6 - Know Yourself:

There is no self-control possible without self-knowledge. There is a reason modern psychology focuses so much on self-knowledge. When we know our strengths and weaknesses, we know what we are. We know how to respond to a certain situation.

We often will find ourselves avoiding situations that may deplete our confidence. When you focus on yourself, you tend to impress your own personality. When this happens, self-empowerment begins. And when self-empowerment begins, you will have more confidence within you.

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