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1 - Indian Movies: Online Indian Movies

In the advanced age of technology with the growing internet popularity, downloading and watching movies online has become a new trend that provides a much more fascinating experience to viewers rather than buying expensive DVDs and spending money on cinema movie tickets. With the advent of new technology, movies are not just limited to theater and television broadcasting, now it is available through Direct Home Broadcast (DTH), over the internet through subscription method and downloadable pirated copies of new releases.

Indian Movies Online

2 - Indian Movies:

India is the world’s largest film producer by volume; thousands of films are produced annually. Bollywood popular known as the Hindi film industry is the largest in India. Almost 1000 Hindi movies are produced per year and are viewed by 1400 million people per day. Indian movies are released within India and screened overseas as well. Within a few days of release, online Hindi movies are available over the internet, but initially, there are only pirated movies available over the internet, which is mostly cinema copied. The pirated online Indian movies normally have low-quality print. A large number of people download and watch pirated Indian movies through Torrent. After a few weeks of business in the box office, high-quality movies are also available online, that are provided by the producers themselves. There are many sources to watch online Indian movies that let the user watch movies online free.

  • YouTube
  • Daily motion
  • Tube+
  • Let Me Watch This
  • Eros Now
  • Vimeo

Other than that new Indian releases are also available online in high quality through subscription-based video on Demand method, users need to register themselves online as a subscriber and pay monthly charges to watch video on demand in high quality. BIGFLIX provides viewers newly released Hindi movies through the monthly Paid method.

3 - Bollywood Revenue Stream:

Bollywood is the World’s largest movie-making industry. By 2016, revenue is expected to reach $4.5 billion. The growth of new distribution channels such as cable distributors, DVDs, and the internet together with the new international markets in modern years has created vast opportunities for revenue from the rights of a film property. After big-screen releases and collecting most of the cost from it, Indian movies are broadcasted through other streams too. Online media, Movies-on-Demand, TV & Satellite, Mobile Theater-to-Television window just reduced to 60-90 days.

Bollywood Revenue

4 - Revenue Stream of Bollywood’s Producer:

Bollywood film producers get 70-75% revenue from domestic theatrical sales of movie tickets, 6-8% from the sale of overseas rights and other sources of revenues are cable and satellite television rights, home video rights, In-film advertising, online streaming. Overseas distribution of Bollywood movie happens via showing movies in theatres, DVD rentals, online streaming of movies and cable companies distributors such as Time-Warner and Comcast.

5 - Rising Trend in Bollywood:

5.1 - Satellite/Cable TV Distribution:

Satellite/Cable TV Distribution covers the 1/3rd cost of the total production cost. Satellite/Cable TV distributors buy a movie for a lifetime or some years.

5.2 - Direct-to-Home:

There are almost 54.53 million Direct-to-Home subscribers that follow the pay-per-view model. Subscribers need to pay for each new or old movie to watch directly at home.

5.3 - BIGFLIX:

It is India’s first movie on-demand service, allows users to stream or download movies at any time. It provides high definition full-length movies and new movies are added every day. It generates its revenues from subscription fees and does not rely on advertisements. Subscribers have to pay Rs. 249/Month.

5.4 - YouTube

YouTube also provides new Indian releases through movie rental and purchase service and the starting cost of the movie is Rs.50. YouTube introduced its online film rentals service in January 2010 and service offers over 6,000 films. YouTube takes 45% of the advertising

revenue from videos and 55% goes to the uploader.

5.5 - Eros Now

Eros Now is another stream for watching online Indian movies, established Eros International. Eros has almost 50,000 paying subscribers and generates $50 million revenue contribution in the Indian economy.

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