Internet of Things for Business - What can be the Risks?

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1 - IoT for Business - Where Fantasy meets Reality

We live in an era where many things which we imagined previously have been accomplished. Chances are, all that we have seen in science fiction may be achieved one day. Those fantasies where a robot is serving meals aren’t far from reality nowadays.

2 - Internet of Things for Business is becoming more common

One such technology that uses a lot of devices with cloud technology and internet connection is IoT (internet of things). This allows the sending of data and control of devices’ functions. In a sense, this technology has an old concept. In old times, which aren’t really that old, we used wire to wire connections for communicating machines with each other. Now, those wires have been replaced with radio waves. Or we should say, those wired connections have evolved into the wireless technology phase. Another evolved feature is that wires conveyed limited data rates. The wireless now ascends all boundaries.

The Internet of things is becoming more and more common among all modern-day technologies. From handling large data of space to even home functions of cooking and cleaning are becoming smarter. Smart devices for performing the home functions are available now. The concept of the smart city is becoming more and more common. In fact, some cities of the world have already been converted to smart versions of themselves. It isn’t long when the whole world is turned into a smart global village. For everything we use in our home, there is a smart version of it. You will not be using these casual devices for too long.

3 - Internet of Things in Business

Of all the things we have learned about the internet of things, the concept of IOT seems pretty scientific. It seems to have no business concept related to it. However, every technology that we use has borrowed investments. The technology wouldn’t be in our grasp if some amount wasn’t invested in it.


Due to the high prevalence of the internet of things in nearly everything, it is natural to think that there is a smarter version of doing business. Some of the fine examples are self-driving cars. The self-driving delivery trucks along with self-automated security systems are becoming a common thing. So how is it related to business benefit?

4 - Artificial Intelligence has changed marketing

All the money spent on humans doing specific jobs is now spent once in a while on machines. The artificial intelligence has brought comfort to many things that once couldn’t be achieved near perfection. The smart lighting system along with smart thermostats is free from human error. It means they perpetually result in lower credits being spent.

Even within retail marketing, the marketers can keep very accurate records which wouldn’t be possible before AI. Even smaller devices like smartphones can turn our life into hassle-free scenarios. Since smartphones are very common, it would be hard for you to imagine an era before they became popular. It wasn’t more than a decade roughly. Due to smartphones, a lot of things were provided on a cell-phone which wouldn’t be present otherwise.

5 - Replacement of Human jobs is possible!

The Internet of things may eventually replace human jobs which were performed before. All of AI has the potential to replace all the casual products in the market. The industries and companies are successfully using the AI to substantially increase sales and customers. Although the technology hasn’t come to the average customer’s approach yet, planning is being done along with investment.

6 - Securing against Threats to Business

Threats Internet Of Things Security

All of the above-conveyed information is perfect. Yet there is one thing that is still at risk. Unfortunately, that one thing is pretty much everything in a business. That thing is security. This is because business owners must maintain a top level of privacy. No one wants to even think of the bank accounts being at risk. However, as the information is handed out to the internet of things, the information is conveyed out in the open. How to defend against the possible threats lurking out there?

6.1 - Hackers

Believe it or not, there are some hackers who are paid to scavenge through the system to actually search for the possible loopholes and vulnerable areas. These hackers are called white hat hackers. The other option is to be well aware of your data. Try hiring the white hat hackers to possibly search for opening within your system which may be exploited by not so friendly hackers. The access to data as well as storage of data is to be understood. If you do this, you may actually fend off the hackers’ attacks. This is crucial for the successful internet of things in business.

6.2 - Surveillance Cameras:

You may want to purchase surveillance cameras for restricted access. What you need are cameras which respond to a decentralized network system. You may also want to know the fine prints of terms and conditions of the camera from a company you purchase. Familiarize yourself with the permission of software in the company.

6.3 - Setting Security Policies:

It is also called the self-regulation. This is what companies do when they don’t trust the system of the internet of things. They are right not to. No one can guarantee safety on the internet of things. What companies do is that they secure their own rights and block of chains system. Developing a strict security policy for all the information you put on the internet and accessing it can actually save you a lot of regrets.

6.4 - Caution:

Most of the threats which occur with the internet of things devices are mainly due to devices themselves. Some devices are structured in such a way that they are not vulnerable. Some are pretty much sitting ducks. Therefore, caution should be practiced in dealing with devices. Proper knowledge of devices along with their vulnerability is recommended.

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Internet of Things for Business Risks

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