Manmohan Singh takes Pakistan side regarding Modi stance on Gujarat Polls

Manmohan SinghWhen it comes to using derogatory remarks and similar tactics for gaining political scores, the Narendra Modi is always top in line. A similar incident happened in New Delhi which deeply enraged Manmohan Singh, the former prime minister of India. A macho man spoke in favor of Pakistan Personnel present there on the event.

Manmohan described his experience as pained and anguished regarding his bitter meeting with Narendra Modi. This took place in congested Gujrat Elections. He demanded an apology from Modi as both engaged in bitter arguments over his hospitality.

The real fight started by Modi’s accusations on Pakistani officials. The president of India accused Pakistani officials to try to interfere in Gujrat Elections. The situation was discussed at the dinner of an Indian politician, Mani Shankar Aya. While it is reported that guests constantly avoided the topic of Modi’s discussions, Manmohan Singh was infuriated over Modi’s cheap tactics and usage of inappropriate words to gain political points. Showing his disregard over the Modi’s stance, he stated that he hopes Modi will apologize for his improper words. He further said hopefully Modi will display some form of respectable behavior which is expected from someone holding his position in politics. His behavior was called an ill-thought transgression.

While some the politicians do agree with Manmohan Singh’s point of view, others like the Finance minister clearly proved his support for Modi. He described the meeting with Pakistani officials as a misadventure. Regarding his meeting, he further supported Modi’s point of view. Ending his statement, he declared that it was beyond comprehension to ask for an apology from Modi. Modi did what any other could have done, or so the finance minister says.

While the discussion carried out on the dinner table was not of political nature, it was necessarily aimed at India and Pakistan ties. That was the purpose of the whole discussion. On the dinner table, several notable personalities including Manmohan Singh were present. Former vice president Hamid Ansari along with former army chief Deepak Kapoor were also among guests, emphasizing the ties among India and Pakistan. Indian domestic politics were avoided completely. Along with these esteemed personalities, former Indian diplomats and journalists, Pakistan envoy and former minister and ex-army officers were present too. The dinner had political importance, not aiming at domestic but foreign politics.

Modi’s stance is considered desperate as told by Manmohan Singh. Modi fears that he may lose his power after the results of Gujrat Elections. Therefore, what is a better way than to claim whole elections as illegal or supported by foreign interference? However, in doing so, Modi is also setting a dangerous stage for future elections as well as relations with not only Pakistan but other countries as well. In doing so, Modi is tarnishing efforts of previous prime minister and officers to progress India and its relations with other countries.

While his statements didn’t seem entirely in Pakistan’s favor, he did point out certain of Modi’s immature reactions to certain events. First was visiting Pakistan uninvited after the terror attacks in Udhampur and Gurdaspur. Other than this, he also invited the ISI Pakistan to the strategic airbase of Pathankot. The ISI is considered infamous there. It was against the country’s strategic position and no strong reason other than a flaw in policies has surfaced up for this.

Manmohan further emphasized that Congress doesn’t need to take sermons on nationalism from Modi and his party, especially when Modi’s compromising behavior over terrorism has been shown from time to time.

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