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MediaMonkey is simply the digital media player for the Windows operating system. It is used chiefly for organizing and audio playing purposes on Windows. It can be made to manage video and various other media formats. However, you will have to simply use plugins for this purpose. This platform allows you plenty of ways to enjoy your music. However, there is only one con. The interface can take a little time to get used to. Luckily in modern versions of this platform, you can customize it to the bone, making interface somewhat appealing to simple eyes. If you are a music fan, this audio media player is undoubtedly one of the best media players available on the internet.

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1 - MediaMonkey Features

Given below are some of its features that will make you want to download Mediamonkey.

1.1 - Media Management:

One of the remarkable features of this software is that it allows you to handle an insanely large number of media files. You can manage from 100 to 10,000 audio/video files using media monkey. All of them are organized according to genre, artist and other common music features. Incredible at its efficiency, media monkey promised what other media players don’t very often.

1.2 - Track Identification:

There are some tracks be they movies or audios which simply need more information. Luckily, on this platform, you can manage and see such tracks. The media monkey then allows you to manage your own tracks very wisely just like you want them to be managed.

1.3 - Tagging:

You can also utilize the remarkable feature of tagging. The tagging generally follows the standard industry style. You also get a wide variety of tag editors that allow perfect tagging. You can either tag manually by your own preference, or you can easily tag using the auto-tag feature.

1.4 - Organizing and Renaming:

Your media files sometimes can manage to build up garbled details which can create a serious mess in your media player details. This feature allows you to rename any media file which you think needs renaming and reorganizing.

1.5 - Automatic Updates:

All you need is an online connection. The media monkey developers made sure to connect you to scheduled updates launched by them. The updates allow you to evolve the media player according to your own requirements.

With all the above features mentioned, you will be surprised to know that there is a considerable number of features unmentioned. Download Media Monkey and find out.

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