Pakistan Metro Bus Project - Politics or Something Else?

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1 - Metro Bus in Pakistan:

As we all know nowadays there is an emerging discussion between the Islamabadians and Rawalpindi and about the benefits or negative effects of the latest Metro bus service in the city. First of all, the intention behind the initiators of this public service got lots of negative comments and only a few positive remarks about this project. No doubt it can still be identified as Metro bus project was intended to make more money out of their already existed treasure (here I am talking about none other than PML(N) government). PML(N) is already known for the cause that every time they rule country they make more money than they do showoff and do so-called public services.

Metro Bus 2

2 - Metro Bus Route Problem:

A still huge area of Islamabad and Rawalpindi the Metro bus route is not covering. So the lack of proper metro bus route or metro bus layout structure was not even considered. When the metro bus project was started the main motto behind the project was to benefit all citizens equally and Its purpose was to make traveling across the city easily. So it was not just meant to benefit a specific group of citizens. Metro bus route should cover all the main spots in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. So we can easily notice that the metro bus is not a kind of service that benefits each and every individual and every corner of the city.

Metro Route

3 - Metro Bus Project Faced Strong Criticism:

The project was already being criticized by many people and current leading political party PTI leader Imran Khan for the reasons of lack of availability of proper health and other facilities like:

- Hospitals,

- The proper education system,

- Education institutions,

- Basic public demands, rights, and justice,

- Public needs (i.e. food, shelter, and cloth) and so on.

Imran Khan’s point of criticism was not just for the sake of criticism but it is actually the voice of thousands of people. Politicians found a new way to make more money by investing less money and show off that they are doing only for needy people and the welfare of the public but in reality, it’s not like that. Metro bus project was highly criticized before its development and even during its development.

So without further proceeding my discussion about Metro bus, let's also take a look at some of its good points and service :).

4 - Positive and Negatives of Metro Bus Project:

Let me discuss negative and positive points about Metro Bus service in Rawalpindi-Islamabad one by one:

4.1 - Metro Bus POSITIVE Points:

  • No doubt its complete luxury that citizens can enjoy in less fare.
  • Metro bus takes less time to reach its specified Metro bus stations as compared to other local transports.
  • Metro bus service is good for people who want to reach their desired location in less time by paying less fare.
  • Metro bus service is well designed and seems modern architecture and design-wise.
  • Metro bus is a proper Air-conditioned, computerized voice signal/indication at each station of the metro bus route.
  • Metro bus service offers free wifi service :) I know people would definitely go for it also love it and even forget all other negative points.
  • Metro bus stations have basic facilities for the public like benches and water dispensers.
  • Metro buses are new so definitely, they are clean and in good condition.
  • Metro bus in Rawalpindi has specified stations, and do not stop other than these stations
  • Metro bus is quite safe security-wise, anyone can travel easily.
  • Few seats reserved for a disabled person.
  • Metro bus stations allow you to recharge your metro bus card by using a card renewal automatic machine.
  • We can get a metro bus card and can recharge our card up to 1000 rupees. Metro bus card system is one of the prominent points in the whole project. I will definitely go for it to save time each time I travel.

Hope so all the above services and good sides remain in their original condition as time will pass:).

4.2 - Metro Bus NEGATIVE Points:

  • First of all, when you go for a ticket you have to have to wait for not less than an hour (ug-hhhhh), so it seems less organized when it comes to going for its fast and efficient service claim.
  • No one to guide in case of an emergency. They should have some servicemen or women on the bus in case of any emergency.
  • Metro bus route does not cover many main areas of the city where it actually could be beneficial.
  • Metro buses have limited and short routes. So it’s not going to helpful for each and every person in the city.
  • As compared to its size metro bus has quite fewer seats.
  • The automatic bus door just opens for some specific time so many people get miss because of the crowd, so they should have some service person to guide and help in case anyone misses his or her family member on the station. In short, there should be some guidance.
  • The ticket guys behave so rudely and no organized way to get a ticket if it’s urgent for someone or If a citizen is over-aged :( sadly.
  • it cost Pakistani 55 Arab Rupees which is huge corruption.

5 - Conclusion:

Inform me if you noticed any other positive or negative point in the service because it will help all of us to make this service better and helpful for all. So let’s put your contribution in making the country’s assets not letting waste. Once the service has been started so either it’s for money-making, to gain popularity among people so they give a vote to PML(N) or whatever now we all should help to get the best out of the Metro Bus Service.

Your sincere feedback will be highly appreciated.

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