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1 - A Must Buy List 2020

The name of trending products conjures the image of a crowd of people outside the closed store in the early morning. Or it gives the image of unique items in every 3rd or 2nd person’s possession. These can be new phone models, the new cool gadgets, or even the gizmos. Sometimes, the trending items are so tempting, that you may get your paycheck before time to shop for those. With the new year of 2020 just around the corner, get your paycheck ready for these products will surely entice you. They may even be quality gifts for friends or family people.

I searched thoroughly and found the most innovative and awesome products this year. These are the products that are simple yet effective. This combination of simple yet effective is a rare combination that is rarely achieved considering modern tech. However, these stupidly simple products impressed the common people so much that they were sold literally in millions. Some of the products are so simple that you may never even believe them to go viral. Yet against all odds, they did go viral and stormed the market. Here you can read about them. You also have the option of following their articles separately.

1.1 - Soothing Socks:

Do you have foot pain? Foot pain has been a common issue for many people. It is not just athletes who suffer from foot pain. It is also common in housewives, elderly people and even regular joggers or students.

Have you been trying different messages? It may have been effective. However, doesn’t a thought strike you? Wouldn’t it be better if we have something like a sock or something which is constantly giving us relief?

Such a product has been made. It is in the form of socks. The sock is also known as Dr. Sock soothers. These socks are designed to comfort your foot all the time.

These socks are what we called compression socks. They may look funny when looked at. The socks only cover your foot heel some part above. The toes and fingers portion of the foot is uncovered. You may also refer them as compression half socks. They cover a 1/3rd portion of your foot.

Although bearing funky looks, these socks are wonderful for your foot pain. They have healing abilities. Until now, the users have told stories about their swelling and heel pain being dramatically reduced. Not only this, but they also find application in tired achy feet. Their simple looking structure is designed in such a way that your blood circulation is healed by them.

The research was conducted on people’s opinions wearing these. The clear results showed that these socks resulted in healthy, pain-free and anti-fatigue feet. And the best part is…simply put them on and let the relief begin. It is as simple as that.

Soothing Socks

1.2 - Night Glasses:

Do you often drive at night? Studies show that night time is most often related to the higher percentage of accidents. Why does it happen? The driving at night is sometimes accompanied by headaches and eye strain. This is because you are seeing the reflections made by headlights in the way. This is why fatal crashes and car accidents have been said to occur 4 times more likely at night.

Well, there is good news like always. The modern tech is looking after you. The hard work of Clear Sight engineers has paid off. They launched a recent product. They named it the sight of clearing glasses. The glasses are anti-glare. They reduce the blur caused by reflections of street lights, other cars’ headlights, and similar other reflections. The blur caused by these sources is reduced to a comfortable level where your eyesight is clear. As told by one of the users, the difference is amazing. It seemed like putting on day's eyes for the night.

Night Sight Hd

1.3 - Personal Alarm Systems:

This is one of those devices which are truly a lifesaver. The basic functionality of this system is that it causes alarm to sound. The best thing is that it is sold in small handy models which can even serve as your key chains. One small push of the button and the alarm goes insane!

The modern world hasn’t left one thing. It is a safety issue. Often times when we are walking on a pathway alone in the night, we need some assurance of safety. We also need sometimes systems for the alert. For example, suppose you are traveling with a very old person. If something occurs which requires the help of others, you can sound the alarm loudly which will cause others to come to your help. This personal alarm could be then a lifesaver. Imagine now the alarm being the size of a keychain and easily fitting in your hand. Personal alarms are just that.

Pest Reject

1.4 - Pest Reject by Sound:

Do you fear spiders or lizards? What happens when we have those strange pests showing up in our rooms or homes? We often are disgusted by them. We despise them. Often what we want is to get rid of them.

Despite this, nobody likes killing. The pests are just other beings that we don’t like. We simply want them to go. Therefore, this device called pest reject introduces a thing called ultrasonic sound.

The ultrasonic sound often allows the pests to leave without making the mess. It also keeps them away from your room.

Pest Reject

1.5 - Eden Glow Stones:

This strangely simple innovative invention is incredibly relieving. This strange invention is what they have named after. The Eden glow stones are stone that…you guessed it! They glow in dark. How can this be an invention?

Well, they are designed in such a way that they improve the curb appeal of a home. You don’t have to let your house be redesigned. These strangely small glowing stones will manage what high priced gadgets won’t be able to.

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