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oCam is one of the good video utilities which allow for great user experience. Whether it is the matter of taking screenshots of on-screen images as well as video, the O cam is the software you will want to try. Other than taking screenshots, you can also record audio of your video or games you are playing. Although O cam resembles the other video utilities in many ways, it is a cut above them because of one feature. It simply allows the user to choose one of the multiple codecs from the toolbar menu. The interface of this software is the dual part. One part belongs to the green area used for taking screenshots. The other part is the main screen. The screenshot area is interactive. You can take it and drag it or resize it. It is worth mentioning that by simply placing this screenshot area on the screen, you can start recording.

Ocam 1

Given below are some of the main features which will definitely prompt you to go after the option of oCam download.

Features of this famous product are given below:

  • Video recording along with an audio recording is possible for this software.
  • You can definitely pause or resume the audio/video recording process.
  • The built-in video codecs can be used to record.
  • You can alternatively also record using the built-in audio codecs.
  • The large video formats are present which allow for the recording up to 4 GB.
  • Stereo mixing is available. However, audio recording without stereo mixing is absolutely possible.
  • The recording area of Keyboard is customizable.
  • During recording, you have different options present for sound quality as well as video quality.
  • While not only screen capture is possible, you also have the option of image formatting.

These are just glimpses of the real thing. You can find out more of the features by going after the option of oCam download.

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