Israeli Woman Creates Attractive Art: Painting or Eye Makeup?

Creative Make Up Eye Art Tal Peleg Fb5 700A woman aged 29 years creates beautiful eye shades. Tal Peleg belongs to Israel and creates attractive eye makeup of cats and Emojis. She proved her self that she is a very good makeup artist by creating such a unique and adorable eye shades with a nice blending of colors and emojis.

Every woman wants beautiful eyes with very attractive eye makeup. Tal Peleg used a very fresh and unique color scheme that creates a beautiful effect on the eyes.

Her unique and attractive make-up has been a hit on the internet after she began to upload pictures of her work.
“I started to experiment with make-up as a child,” Peleg told that “I would use my younger sister as a model for all kinds of photoshoots and weird make-up experiments.”

“Make-up is an amazing form of art and I’ve tried to push the limits to be able to make my eye tell a story.”

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