Pakistan Stance against Terrorism reported to Foreign Diplomats

Foreign Diplomats Visiting Islamabad

Foreign Diplomats Visiting Islamabad was Reported about Pakistan’s Counterterrorism Efforts 10/12/2018

When it comes to providing security aids to the country Pakistan, the level of criticism is almost embarrassing. Often it comes from those who are worried about keeping their jobs in politics instead of doing them. However, this was put at rest when foreign diplomats were briefed about the achievements of Pakistan in its war against terrorism. The feats of Pakistan including the operation of Zarb-e-Azab were reported to the foreign diplomats sent from the USA. The briefing was done by top military-civil leadership. It was reported by the foreign officer in an interview statement.

Among the personnel providing the briefing, important military and political figures were involved. These were Foreign minister Khawaja Asif, chief of general staff Bilal Akbar, director-general military operations and director-general military intelligence. Along with ambassadors, the heads of missions of different nations were also provided with a briefing.

In the statements issued by the foreign minister, he told what was discussed and included in reports to the diplomats. The reports included what Pakistan had managed to accomplish in these four years which is one of the biggest achievements of Pakistan. General Raheel Shareef’s efforts led to him being one of the best army generals in 2016. Apart from the four years, the overall development and stances of Pakistan in these 16 years along with struggles and losses are taken as a result were reported. This was revealed in the FO statement which the foreign minister issued.

The diplomats were provided the details of operations Pakistan had taken in these 4 years. The operation Zarb-e-Azab along with Raddul Fisaad was discussed. It was also mentioned where these terrorists were emerging from. According to military personnel there who reported there, the safe havens being provided in Afghanistan were one of the reasons why they were constantly emerging. These spots provided them to replenish their supplies most often. Apart from these safe havens, the terrorists had also taken some refuge areas near Waziristan. Now they are gone thanks to the efforts of our army.

It is worth mentioning that the Indian government and the army have been causing distracting behavior to impede Pakistan’s efforts. The unlawful firing on borders forces the army to spend some of the energy there. This is distracting Pakistan from fully focusing on terrorism. Indian intelligence has been trying to cause unhelpful movements. If this wasn’t enough, the Afghan Intelligence was equally involved in making Pakistan’s job as difficult as possible. All of this was reported to the diplomats in FO statements.

The diplomats were further notified about the Indian army’s aggressive transgressions without any purpose. They have also been involved in innocent causalities on borderlines.

The foreign dignitaries responded in favor of Pakistan. India and Afghanistan both were holding the suspect for this.

The security aid was disbanded despite the helpful report of foreign dignitaries by the hot-headed president of the USA. Claiming the country’s efforts as lies and deceit, Trump showed his narrow mindedness by revoking the security aid.

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