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Plex Media Player is the media of all devices. Whether it is your personal computer, your own cell phone or Android tablet, the media player is supported by all. With a large happy user base, the results of its usage are apparent everywhere on forums. While the original functions are quite sufficient, if you want more then there is a store app. The store app allows for more downloaded features. Apart from main features, there are user support groups, cross-selling offers as well as live TV and trailers along with extras which make it a cut above than normal media player available in markets.

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1 - Plex Media Player Download

Given below are some of its features that will make you go after the option of a Plex Media Player Download.

1.1 - Live TV and DVR:

You can attach your local Plex media server t the local antenna as well as a compatible tuner to make way for watching your TV shows. Along with this integration with live signals, you can also record the air-broadcasts which will serve as experience enhancers for users. Watch them individually or along with your family. The option of watching live content is something not present in most media players. This option makes the plex media server a unique one among others.

1.2 - Plex Cloud:

You can also use the cloud service to run this service. This is especially compatible if you want something other than your pc storage place to run the server. Enjoy your organized collections as you utilize the Plex cloud.

1.3 - Ple Parental Controls:

The customization of Plex media is truly remarkable. It allows you to control the plex media player both in and out of your home. Ultimately you can also buy the plex passes and allow for the benefits like free apps to be availed.

1.4 - Mobile and Cloud Sync:

The mobile and cloud syncing features are exactly what the names suggest. The mobile syncing allows you to have your app ready for usage no matter where you are. Whether you are in the park, or outside or even in the subway, the app is always available to be used at your whim. The cloud sync allows for storage on devices and apps like a cloud. Your stream content is available to be used always.

If you are wondering what to do next, it is simply going for the option of a Plex media player download. This media player is sure to give you what other media players can’t even dream to provide. Its unique features are bound to satisfy you to the fullest.

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