PML-N again Conflicting with Apex Judges

When it comes to Nawaz Shareef criticizing judges, it is no new news, especially after the former prime minister was ruled unfit for his political career. A similar situation happened this Thursday when judges of the apex court were criticized by Nawaz Shareef. According to the former prime minister, the judges had used the unattractive word. They were using language which is nothing in line with their ranks. This was further added by Mr. Nawaz Shareef in his interview.

He further bashed the PTI leader, Imran Khan. Adding to his criticism, he stated that the language of judges has become very similar to the language of Imran Khan. Both use language which is nothing less than derogatory to their positions. This view is of course relative. Everyone has their own idea of what language is appropriate.

Mr. Nawaz Shareef also spoke about the insulting words used by both judges and PTI leaders for him. In the interview, he said that judges used words like mafia, robbers, thieves and similar ones to describe his party. According to him, any person with self-respect would not stand for this. If there is one thing the PML-N doesn’t endure, it is the derogatory words to their reputation.

Mr. Nawaz Shareef further accused the judges of violating the constitutional rights and their oath. Using such words is not allowed according to him. Therefore, by giving him insulting labels, they are not only stooping low for their position, but they are also violating the oath which they took as judges.

No political party or member should ever accept such remarks for themselves. According to the PML-N leader, this would not be tolerated.


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