PMLN troubles with Supreme Court | PMLN Supreme Court Attack

Pmln Supreme Court

An episode of bickering between Supreme Court judges and PMLN had been going on for the past few days. Ever Nawaz Sharif had been disqualified; the leadership of this party has been going through rough edges with the Supreme Court.

Among all the remarks, the Nihal Hashmi’s ones were most derogatory. The situation grew tense due to such claims and allegations thrown from Nihal Hashmi to the government. It is a politician’s nature as well as somewhat a duty to defend their political party. However, the Nihal comments were demoting not only his status but also the party’s position. After some time, Mr. Hashmi gave an unconditional apology for his derogatory remarks for Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court also didn’t show much tolerance for Hashim’s behavior. The thing that may have been in favor of PMLN party opponents was that this parliament member was demoted. He was stripped from the right to be a pubic representative for five years followed by a month prison.

Nehal Hasmi’s punishment serves as a warning against the PMLN. Ever since the leader Nawaz Sharif was stripped of his leadership and right of politics, PMLN and its party members have been lashing out on the Supreme Court. The demoted senator has seen the error of his ways. He submitted an official apology for his inappropriate conduct. The court’s recent ruling about this abrasive behavior proves that nothing is above law.

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