Positive Mindset for 2020 – Tips for Development of Positive Mindset

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1 - Smack those Harmful thoughts with Positive Mindset for 2020

We all have heard a great deal about the power of positive thinking. We have often tried thinking a positive way too. Constantly ignoring the negative thoughts while trying to feel positive only, we tried becoming. This was ended with the realization that we are human beings. We cannot do such a thing.

2 - Struggling Against the Negative Thoughts is Hard!

The thing is not to struggle against the negative. The real key is to accept our flaws. If we don’t like something about ourselves, we can change it. We have certainly the power to change our thinking or do something to change ourselves. Both prove to be equally rewarding if we work towards better versions of ourselves.

3 - Being Positive or Staying Positive?

The problem with being positive is a misunderstanding. Many people think that they will never have any negative thoughts at the moment when they embrace positive thinking. They don’t assume that it is in our nature to think negative and worry. It is, however, unnatural to blame the circumstances and others. We most certainly can change either ourselves or the situation. We are supposed to form several opinions and stick to them. We aren’t supposed to struggle. We are supposed to work our way through tough situations.

Positive Mindset 1

A positive mindset is not about never worrying. It is rather about learning to manage that worry. It is more about managing your worries and finding a solution. It is about realizing that we are humans and are prone to mistakes. At the same time, it is affirming that we can and we will make it through this. We are humans with a link to our spiritual and mental prowess. We are beings who have made it this far from the stone age. We will certainly make it even far more.

I am going to present a few solutions which helped me maintain my calmness in the face of worst outcomes. I am not perfect. I am still trying but I feel good. I know I have something to work for and it is worth all of the hardships I once faced. Hardships are more like an initiation into better roles. They harden you for later lessons of life.

3.1 - Starting the Day with Positive Self-talk:

Our self-talk is one of the reasons for our current attitude towards life.

Come to think of it, every other belief we have, we own it because of ourselves. When somebody approaches us and tells us we are worthy, our heart wants us to believe or reject that. I agree that childhood is an important part of this process, but childhood is not going to be solely responsible for your whole life.

What matters is what you wish to feed yourself. How do you see yourself? If you approach everyone with a broken self-figure, how will anybody respect or even care for you?

And most important of all, our self-talk is the reason how we behave towards things. In the end, regardless of other people’s encouragement or criticism, we choose to believe what we tell ourselves.

Based on how you start your day, it depends on how the rest of the day will go. If you start it with stress, focusing on how much work is remaining or what else you will have to do, you will be stressful for the rest of your day. Similarly starting the day with encouraging notes to self brings forth best in you. It will also allow you to develop a practical stance for the rest of the day. This is another of the ways to develop a positive mindset for 2020.

Stay Positive 2

3.2 - Good Things are There:

Every problem has a good side, believe it or not. It is certainly there. We have to train ourselves to see it just.

If we focus on negatives, we will find limitless ways to be powerless. We will keep on diminishing our hopes and desires. This added up with giving attitude is the ultimate recipe for the disaster.

On the other hand, if we focus on good things and outcomes, we have finally something to work for. We strive towards better because now we know it is worth it. We will emerge from problems with lessons which will help us better live later life. This is another of the ways to develop a positive mindset for 2020.

3.3 - Humor:

This may come off as dark for people who have lost someone. Yet humor is something which is part of deep human nature. It is one of those things that we can do it without. You will find life unhappy and bland.

Humor is something that will add fun to regular daily life. You will refresh yourself after a tiring day. The laughter has been declared to be one of the best medicines. It has been called such for a reason. The importance of laughter was recognized by a doctor in the 1990s when a doctor invented the laughter yoga. Starting from a small part of town, it has now spread to 66 countries. More and more people are joining in. It is said to heal and allow people to move on.

3.4 - Learn:

This is one of those loopholes which often elude people. They don’t elude people as much as people elude them.

In every failure, there is a lesson to be learned. We all face failures. The problem is that we cannot switch to a positive mindset every time and try finding a lesson in them. However, the big failures are often hiding powerful transforming lessons.

When we learn the lesson, history is never repeated. It is wisely said that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. It is said for a reason. The problems are arising because of our attitude towards the problem. We hit our heads again and again instead of using them and finding a midway to our reckless attitude and the unsolvable problem. There is always more than one way to solve a problem. This is another of the ways to develop a positive mindset for 2020.

4- -Conclusion:

While staying positive is an achievement, a positive mindset for 2018 is a process. We are humans and thing is to develop yourself in the process to tackle the negative harmful thoughts. Remember those positive things are there.

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