Potplayer - Hidden Gems You Do not Know About!

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Potplayer - Hidden Gems you don't know about

Potplayer is a free and safe media player available to be downloaded on the internet. Being one of the best free-third party media players, Potplayer is one of the best options for great video and music playing experience. When locally stored files are your options for music listening, the Pot-player does an incredible job. The post player is an exceptional media player which is able to handle a large variety and number of media files. Given below are some of the key features of this software which will make you want to go after the option of Potplayer free download. Keep in mind that the given features below are largely dependent on your file sizes too. Although Potplayer is designed to give the best performance, if you have a lagging PC along with corrupt files, the software won't perform very well.

  1. Ability to Handle Large Size of Files:

The program was tested as an experiment for handling large files. It displayed no error in playing the large size of files which easily ran 1.6 GB MOV file. It also ran perfectly several other larger files which proved its efficiency. The Potplayer keeps on getting updates which means this feature is under constant evolution.

  1. Subtitles:

The Potplayer shows a clear and visually appealing style of subtitles. The subtitle option is available to help you understand difficult accents within movies or to simply improve and test your own vocabulary.

  1. Customizationt:

The majority of users don’t notice it since the default settings are already too great. However, the customization option of Potplayer like all of the other great media players is great as well. The customization allows for a better view of users interface and experience. Potplayer also offers several other options which are only there for better user experience.

  1. Audio files:

A large number of formats is easily supported by this player. Potplayer also presents in detail the information about audio files which comes in handy especially if you are after development functions of your own audio.


The above-mentioned features are simply a glimpse of real product which offers a large number of improvements with updates. There are also a lot of hidden features which will simply give you a great experience. To avail these features, you will need to avail the option of Potplayer free download.

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