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In my research and practice, I have found that by following specific tips, I was able to form my own habits. You don’t need a list of habits to be practiced. You need to know the right kind of attitude. Given below are several productivity hacks.

1 - Time is One of the Kings!

Everyone wants more time. While we can certainly manage to get more time for all of our things, what we do with that time is dependent on us.

There is a reason why time is considered one of the greatest treasures in the world. If correctly utilized, it can lead to the creation of a whole improved self. The choice rests on us. What we manage to do with the time creates a whole lot of difference. The aim should always be to make the most of the time we have been given. We need productivity hacks to make our life better.

When it comes to time management, the greatest gift is to harness the best of time. Teaching yourself to make its best use can be the greatest thing you can ever gift to yourself. The time management is the real game-changer when it comes to your personal or business life.

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All of us want to be more productive. There is, however, a small problem. When it comes to increasing productivity, all of us receive several instructions on what to do and what to avoid. All of us want to get into that game of life by following a few habits. Productivity is a personal thing. It comes with a personal flavor of success.

2 - Optimize the to-do list:

How many times do we make an extensive to-do list? We then stress at the end of the day about how we didn’t do anything related to most of the tasks we were supposed to do. Instead of thinking of the to-do list as relieving, we instead stress over what we couldn’t manage time for.

The real purpose of to-do lists was never the burdening. Think about it. Why do you make a to-do list on your own? This is because you want to optimize and list everything to avoid stress in the end.

This is one of the most fundamental productivity hacks to make life a lot better.

Our minds are sometimes funny about seeing huge lists. When we realize we have to achieve this, we simply stress ourselves. Instead, make mental notes of small activities. You will not be having a false sense of productivity then. You should have three achievable goals for your to-do list to the maximum. This will not only ensure that you can achieve them, but it will also bring you closer to your original destination. Optimize the to-do list instead of overloading it.

3 - Stop Obsessing over Motivation:

When you make a habit of doing something, all you need is a progressive intention and learning attitude. That is all! Don’t drool over those ideal scenarios stating to find motivation every day. It is simply not possible.

You may follow some moments of triggering within weekdays. However, every day maintaining the same amount of motivation will simply tire you out. This is because you aren’t supposed to be motivated every day. You are supposed to follow a healthy routine which includes your habit in accordance with your goal. Don’t try to idealize. It will produce shaky results if any at all.

4 - Mornings are what make difference:

When it comes to mornings, some of us get up late and waste half of the day. Then we try making up by working overtime for the rest of the day.

Even worse, some start working the moment they open their eyes. Believe it or not, only a few people are able to pull things out like this for some time. Even they get exhausted for a while. What happens is then that nature takes over.

Cultivate a healthy morning routine. If your mornings are healthy, the whole day turns out nicely and freshly. Follow a consecutive routine for the mornings.

5 - Schedule Realistically:

This is one of the most important aspects. When it comes to scheduling realistically, some of us shun the idea. For some of us, setting realistic goals is humiliating.

What some of us don’t understand is that in the end goals matter. Whether small or big, they matter. Setting unrealistic goals will bring you down to earth. So set goals which you can achieve first. Start improving from there. Then keep on achieving them.

The key is to get a hang of achieving the goals you set your time aside for. This will develop your habit of commitment.

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6 - Break it down:

So what exactly are your plans in general? The list may start off with something like becoming rich or own a science lab or something.

That’s great actually. Setting some big goals isn’t really a bad thing. The next best step is to break them down into doable activities.

How else are you going to realize your own goals? If you keep on focusing on only the big picture, you won’t know what to do about it. The real actualization of the big picture comes when you actually materialize your goals. The doable activities do just that. You need to break down the goals into small doable activities. Only then will you start your steps towards your own ultimate goals.

7 - Manage Energy Levels:

Your energy levels are to be managed exactly as you want your time managed. For example, what is the thing which you want to be done immediately? Make a list and spend your energy in trying to accomplish that one thing.

We often devote ourselves to insignificant things. We have thought of spending energy later on other tasks. We then run out of all the energy.

Spend your energy wisely. Know your limits. Don’t try setting unrealistic goals. If you aim at working for about 11 hours constantly a day, you will simply fail.

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