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1 - Psychology of Superheroes:

Now here are few questions that will bug the hell out of you!

Why did I decide to include the psychology of superheroes in the first place? And how will that even benefit us?

Well, there is no one answer. First of all, the purpose of entertainment is fulfilled. Come on now! You are in the fun tab of this website. You are thoroughly enjoying this. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be reading this in the first place.

One of the main reasons why I wrote about the superheroes is because they resonate with us on the human level. Believe it or not, the superheroes were created in the first place to help us realize our potential as humans.

2 - True Psychology of Superheroes:

The superheroes follow interesting psychology:

2.1 - Superman:

Some of the superheroes are remnants of their species from another planet like Superman. Hats off to all the Superman fans out there! Superman is alone in his species. He comes from a planet that was destroyed. You can imagine his suffering as he bears the loss of his planet. He discovers the real parents who sent him here were killed in the destruction of his planet. Believe it or not, the superman psychology can be great for the foster kids. Superman sure has powers. But he is vulnerable. He has shown weakness many times. The worst part of his being super strong was that he had people to protect who were significantly weaker than him. If his journey is remembered in life, foster kids can fret better in their lives. Superman manages to find his place in this world. He also realizes his unique potential in this world.

Sad Superman

2.2 - Flash:

One of my favorite superheroes is flash. Although I never liked the concept of some human having powers which makes him or her more powerful than us. But writers nowadays have done an amazing job of depicting how weak and casual human-like even a superhero can become. With greater power, we attract higher responsibilities. One of the best lines in the flash series I found was that no matter how powerful we are, our greatest enemy is not some villain. It is the feeling that despite our greatest powers or strengths, we cannot save everyone. Heck, we can’t even convince everyone to do things in a better way. We can not offer our strength by force to anyone.

Tragic Hero Dare

2.3 - Batman's Mind:

Now when it comes to Batman, I was always inspired. How he turned his weakness into strength always inspired me. Although he is a billionaire, what makes him unique is his normal human strength. He is not a superhero with supernatural powers. He is, in fact, a normal human who proves that having no supernatural powers is irrelevant. You can still be a hero.

Batman Sad

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