SeaMonkey Browser Review - Another Mozilla Masterpiece

Other than the Firefox which is Mozilla’s favorite product, the product named, “SeaMonkey” was another one launched by this company. The product has a lot of potentials. It has the capacity to be a browser, advanced emailing platform, newsgroup and feed client, IRC chat as well as HTML editor. All of these are to be integrated at once!

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Sea Monkey is a Mozilla product that was a bit out-dated before. However, with the recent development, it became quite a usable browser, especially due to its standard features of a well-designed search engine. These updates made SeaMonkey browser download.

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1 - SeaMonkey Browser Features

Given below are some of the features of the SeaMonkey browser, which will allow you to get a good look at its performance in a search engine.

1.1 - Sync:

Are you struggling to get your browser history, your saved passwords or your online files in perfect sync? Worry no more! This feature is exactly what it sounds like! It will allow you to perfectly sync all of your data.

1.2 - Tabbed Browsing:

You will simply be able to open up multiple pages at one time. This feature although it doesn’t sound much, a good look on the internet and a thorough searching will give you an impeccable answer. After you will use the tabbed browsing feature, its importance will be easily revealed to you.

1.3 - Session Restoration:

Incidents happen all the time. It is very frustrating to lose all the data just because of a simple search engine crash. When your search engine suddenly closes unexpectedly, you are angered by that too. This feature brings you the restoration should the shutdown of your search engine be by crashing or freezing of webpage.

1.4 - Smart Location Bar:

This is one of the top algorithms used in high-quality search engines. Your searches are kept in tracks. When you type in new words, you will see similar results matching your search types. This allows for a better user experience.

1.5 - Themes:

Customizable themes are one of the reasons why you will want to go after Sea Monkey browser free download. There are thousands of themes and you can easily choose whichever strikes your fancy.

Other than the above key features, there are some other ones further down the list,

1.6 - Mail and News Groups:

This browser provides impeccable tools and interfaces for online mails and newsgroups. You can easily customize your personal emails as well as the ones you receive officially. You can also manage blogs and news feeds.

1.7 - Composer:

The HTML editor is a powerful customizable tool in this search engine allowing for many other utilities.

1.8 - Web development tools:

Whether it is managing web pages, or you want access to javascript debugger, this search engine provides everything for you.

Your next step should be to go for the option of SeaMonkey browser download and enjoy all the other features of this new product.

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