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1 - How this city is the pinnacle of smart home technology

Tampa is a city on Tampa Bay. While an exquisite city for tourism, it is also one of the cities of technology. The city of Tampa is on its way to becoming one of the smart cities. Its technology is becoming advanced and better day by day.

Recently an event was held in Tampa. This event was attended by several technology leaders all around the world. One of the leaders explained why Tampa was chosen to be the center point. This is because Tampa is on its way to becoming one of the best smart cities in the world. The spot for discussing smart systems for the future couldn’t be chosen in any other place.

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Among the most remarkable companies, CEOs of Sidewalk labs and STRATIS Company were there too. All of them shared insights. Not only the tech companies, but the great business leaders and companies attended this event too. Smart city technology is something all-new world investors are interested in.

The event had a total of 35 speakers. 4 speeches about the progress of smart cities and development were given. Commercial investment in real estate through innovative means was discussed as well.

One of the leaders spoke about the planning of the city. According to Doctoroff, one of the tech leaders there, no city was ever planned completely. Despite what is promised in the future, we can draw a lot of inspiration from the past. This is because, at some time in the past, the cities were teeming with life, had safety and an active sense of community. The future aims at bringing a special bond sharing between machines and humans. Instead of machines taking over, smart devices are coming which activities require the human contribution.

2 - Insights Shared

There were a lot of leaders present in Tampa. All of them had a profound experience in their field of choice. They talked about the future of the internet of things. Rich insights were shared among the leaders. Most of them were IoT and smart city technology. Moorman, one of the leaders there shared the following opinions with others:

1. The Internet of things requires investment in technology. Thanks to our evolving systems, this return on investment is now much smoother and faster than before. The return rate is much faster than ever before. If someone thinks about sharing investment in technology, the time to start is now.

2. The majority of the city of New York is residential. The residential area takes about 60% of the city. Therefore, while developing smart city technology, the residential areas will have to be considered and included. If the developer of smart technology doesn’t include the residential evolution, half the pieces of a puzzle are remaining left out.

3. While the access of resources is endless, the security and privacy concerns are to be addressed like anything else. Understanding the people leaving the residences, it is assumed that this is a tremendous data point that needs to be handled properly.

According to Tampa newspapers, the Vinik, a business leader there planned nearly 50 million dollars for investment in smart city technology. It is believed to be one of the largest funds in Florida. This is to support startup entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Unfortunately, the role of participants has found to be under-motivated. The reported rate of involvement is less than 10%.

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Another speculation was covered by Moorman who gave his points before. He said that if there was a way that STRATIS Company could instantly install the smart city technology across the entire globe, the energy consumption would be lessened by 20%. A lot of technology can then be developed which is stopped because of energy requirements.

This can open up dozens if not hundreds of new opportunities. A world where energy consumption is increasing, this would be a great help. Not only can we develop better systems that allow the optimization of resources, but we would also be taking a huge leap from where we are to where we should be ideally.

3 - Insurance in the Internet of Things

Whenever it has come to invest in technology, sometimes it can be like taking a leap of faith. People know that it is not possible all the time. Especially in the world of business we have to balance optimism with hard work, we also have to make sure not to always take a risk.

Investment in technological development especially if it is new is a huge risk. It is a big leap of faith. However, the internet of things is nothing new anymore. The purpose of the event held in Tampa was about ensuring better investment in the internet of things. It was also about spreading the innovation that is brought by this massive scale technology.

Thanks to evolution which has been constant, the technological revolution that followed. The investment in the technology of smart cities and the internet of things is not new. In fact, due to rapid evolution, evolution has become so advanced that the return rate of investment credits has become almost instantaneous. This is of course metaphorically speaking. The return rate this fast has compelled many to invest a reasonable sum which wasn’t possible before. An example is mentioned above. The Vinik, a prominent business leader has invested about 50 million dollars to support startup companies and entrepreneurs.

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The purpose of insurance on the internet of things in long terms is to secure a better future. As mentioned by one of the leaders, in many ways we can take inspiration from the past. In past times, especially in peaceful ones, we humans were living in touch with our nature. Now, that touch is being returned by developing systems that allow humans to interact deeply with technology. The concept is not to change humans to suit machines. The concept is to change machines to better suit human demands and needs.

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