Social Media Overview: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Social Media Usage: Advantages:

Social Media Advantages

Social media is a medium of communication with each other around the world. There are many advantages of social media like millions of people communicate at the same time with the help of social media; no doubt social media is bringing people closer than earlier. With the passage of time, social media communication sites are increasing day by day to connect the world.

Mostly, the younger sector of society including pre-teens and teens joins social networking sites. They love to chat, commenting, posting pictures and videos and post status about their recent activity. Social media is also used to make friends from all over the world like you can make a friend that is not living in your street, your city or even in your country.

Social media is also a medium of entertainment. People enjoy celebrity’ gossips on social media because their favorite celebrity posts recent updates and their activity. Social media gives you information about upcoming movies, people reviews, hit songs and hit movies.

Social media is also used for marketing and business purposes, like if you want to start your boutique of readymade dresses then make a page on social media and upload your dresses information with price, this is an online business so you can easily earn through social networking sites.

2 - Social Media is Harmful: Some Aspects:

Social Media Disadvanatges

So we can say that social media is a medium of communication, social media communication reduces the distance between our loved once, it is giving business opportunities and it is a source of entertainment but there are some disadvantages of social media in our society.

Social Media is a wastage of time, people waste their precious time on social sites because they are addicted to using social media. Like if they do not check their messages and notifications daily they become crazy, this addiction is making them depressed and wild. Social Media is also an increasing jealousy factor among teenagers, they want to buy luxury cars and post car’s pictures on social media to make other people jealous. They want to eat in a luxurious five-star hotel to make others jealous. This jealousy factor is very dangerous, other people who see this kind of post-start losing confidence especially teenagers and sometimes they commit suicide.

For me, Suicide is the worst disadvantage of social media. Almost, 5000 teens commit suicide per year. The main causes are depression, jealousy, and inferiority complex. Some teenager commits suicide because they want to be like rich persons and celebrities also they want to become popular.

Another serious disadvantage of social media is obesity. It may harmful to health. Many people especially teenagers just stuck on their couch eating high-calorie food, checking social media updates and playing games, therefore, they gain weight. They do not prefer outdoor activities like playing football, cricket and badminton so they become more lazy and fatty.

3 - Conclusion:

Social media is a way of easy communication with our relatives and friends and this media keeps our self updated but, we know that excess of everything is bad and it may be harmful to us. Social media is causing damages, especially it is very harmful to our health we don’t exercise daily so it will be very dangerous in the future. Teenagers should concentrate on studies instead of wasting their precious time on useless things.

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