Spiritual Dimension

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Spiritual Dimension

We, humans, are deeply spiritual beings. In this journey of life where we reside in our physical forms, we have much to live for. Our bodies are on earth, our mind and bodies reside in higher planes of existence. One of those planes of existence is of spirit, also known as a spiritual dimension.

A few years ago if someone had told me these lines, I would have nothing but ridicule in my mind. However, now the situation has changed a lot. I had my share of awakening when I needed it most. I was the logical person. Always believing in what my senses could perceive. Considering this, the notion of the spiritual dimension was close to fantasy to me. And when the reckoning came, in the form of my teacher who taught me how to truly live other than simple breathing, I realized how foolish I was. At first, I used to ridicule the spiritual people, now I was embarrassed about myself.

If we depend only on what we see and perceive, we cannot progress. I am speaking in terms of scientific logic. We cannot hear certain frequencies, so we progress to find them out. Similar is the case of the spiritual dimension. Human beings are more than their physical bodies and structures. They are divine beings having a powerful mind and spirit. Only the instruments we need to develop here are our hearts and minds.

Some people are critical of the existence of the spiritual plane. If the blame was to be placed on narrow-minded non-believers, the same amount of blame has to also be given to the religious dogmatism which presents a linear view of a spiritual dimension. The idea of the spiritual dimension is highly non-linear. This is because it is a place where our thought forms reside. Depending on a person’s own vibrations, the spiritual plane can either be a safe haven or paradise, or it can easily assume the form of the deepest darkest abyss. Either way, one thing is certain; the spiritual plane is somewhere parallel to us.

My understanding of spiritual plane came when I wanted to realize the higher truths. My first encounter with my lifelong teacher turned me into a believer. I wanted to know where we go after we die. For some, life ends. And I couldn’t believe the energy could ever be destroyed. It could be converted into another form. Considering how beautiful a human life is, every human is a walking treasure of emotions, secrets and life struggles. This energy driving every human demanding explanation more than physical form. And that explanation is the spiritual plane. Our consciousness simply finds another way to live. That is the spiritual dimension where we go after our deaths. It is either a paradise, or it is something like a nightmare.

There is something that is required by a person to access the spiritual dimension. And that is the most difficult thing, especially for someone like me. I was required to have faith in the unknown. I again took the support of science and was surprised how many scientists adopted the faith in the unknown to further their scientific research. Especially if the spiritual dimension is a product of our vibrations in the physical plane, I wanted to reach there.

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I followed the concept of a higher consciousness looking after us. There truly is someone who created us and one who loves us. How could it not be! We, humans, are tremendously gifted beings. The spiritual plane is the manifestation plane where our deepest desires or fears are manifested, depending on what we give power to.

Realizing this truth, I stopped focusing on what I had to lose. I started my focus on what I had to gain. What I could become if I could release myself from unhealthy desires and emotions. This is one of the prime aspects of my journey into the spiritual dimension. I had to live my life truly. And the only way to do that was to stop letting it covered by the shadow of fear.

As I embark on this journey, I realize my training in basic human virtues is still underway. The more I know, the more I realize how much I still have to learn. For me, the goal is to develop those frequencies which will manifest as abundant and rich life from spiritual plane to this plane of existence we call earth, both in life and after death.