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1 - Life Tested Tips to Live a Better Life!

Many of us face different issues. When it comes to living the life we truly want, we often aren’t satisfied. This is because we had planned so many things. We often don’t see turning things as we plan them.

I had faced such a time in my life when life simply knocked me down hard. I wanted to get up. It kept getting harder and harder. I kept losing my strength. I kept having a façade of strength. Yet when it came to real actions, I never had much luck.

Live A Better Life

2 - Beautiful Moments are Always with us!

I found out that the problem was not with the hardships of life. In fact, if I hadn’t faced many hardships, I wouldn’t be here in the first place. I wouldn’t be satisfied. My life owes its beautiful moments to those hardships. All those failures that I avoid now are due to the lessons I learned.

I want to share these lessons with you. These things are those that I learned the hard way. In many cases, things would have been a lot easier if I had just shifted my perspective. Yet when it came to shifting perspective, I always chose the wrong side. I made things harder than they were in my own attitude. I want the reader to read these tips and evaluate their lives. I hope this information that I learned is helping you.

2.1 - Humbleness:

The courage without being humble is a dangerous game. Trust me on this.

The humble behavior is not being lighted and fluffy goals. It is more about remembering your place in this world.

Often when we reach our goals or become financially well, our hearts are filled with pride. It is at that time when it is important to remember our place. The world is round. Where others are, we may find ourselves there in some way. Even if it is not financial, it is an emotional crisis that strikes us. When this happens, our humble behavior helps.

How does being humble support us in hardships? This happens because we never exceeded our own expectations. We knew our self-worth in the process of developing humble behavior. Therefore, when life knocks us down, we know how to get up and get back in the game. It will give us a happy life. This is one of the best tips to live a happy life.

2.2 - An Open Mind:

An open mind will give you everything in time.

What if I were to tell you that we aren’t supposed to suffer? We are in fact supposed to learn from our failures. We are supposed to change for better when it comes to hardships. We either learn or we gain. There is always nothing to lose.

It may be difficult for those who have undergone a breakup or lost someone close. Trust me when I say this, keeping an open mind will open up doors which you never knew existed. This is one of the best tips to live a happy life.

Being open to change is the secret that has transformed some of the worst scenarios into fruitful outcomes. When we reject change, we create suffering. When we accept something that has happened and focuses on what we can do, we create ways to be happy and prosperous.

2.3 - Abolish Selfishness:

Self-love and selfishness are two very different things. Consider an example. If a mother sees a child eating something harmful, she snatches it from him. That thing may appear as mean to the child. The child may dislike this but it was for the best. This was an example of love.

When you love yourself, you accept criticism. You have the desire to become a better version of yourself.

Selfishness is the exact opposite of self-love. The selfishness creates feelings of insecurity. If I don’t snatch everything for my own, I will not get what I want. This is the main motto of selfishness. Selfish people are generally unhappy people. Do you want to better your life? Abolish selfishness from life and infuse it with self-care and self-love. This is necessary for a happy life.

2.4 - Change is Inevitable:

Everything is changeable except for the law of change. The change will occur whether you like it or not. The good side is bad times never stay the same.

The bad side is that good times pass too. However, the passing of a good time doesn’t always mean that it won’t come back. Sure your old memories will never come back. But that joy, the emotions which formed the essence of those memories will always come back. All you need to do is to accept change.

For those who have lost someone, trust me on one thing. Losing someone doesn’t mean they are gone. It opens up a new form of life for us. We become a better version of ourselves. We have a chance to stand on our own and accept life for the best.

All in all, acceptance is the key to be truly free. Accept that something has occurred. Give it time and then move on.

2.5 - Practice Giving and Taking:

Never reject anyone’s help. If you always find yourself on giving end, the generosity will reach a point where it will eventually end.

You cannot serve from an empty cup. When I say this, I don’t mean that start expectation. You don’t want to expect a return every time you give. However, do form relations in life that take and give. Learn to give yourself your own time.

2.6 - Be Optimistic:

I am not talking in terms of the law of attraction. That is delusional sometimes. People get the wrong idea. They think that by merely wanting something passionately and thinking about it crazily will manifest something. It doesn’t.

If you correctly read the law of attraction, it states that you need to change yourself. You don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are.

Carefree people always manage to get things done. Carefree is different than procrastination. It is when you keep working focused on goals without spending energy on negative thoughts. When you have a good outlook on life, the universe is your friend. When you have thought that things will turn out for best, they will. All you need to do is play your part in it.

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