Tips to Say Good bye to Work Frustration - How to Recover From Burn out Routine

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1 - How to Recover From Burn out Routine

Some of us are very passionate about college life. That is the beauty of life actually. If you keep yourself busy instead of having too much free time on your hands, you are a lucky person. The problem is that some of us take too much on ourselves. We often get intermingled with so many things that in the end, we get burned up.

2 - The reason for Burnout is often too much!

Speaking from personal experience, when I was in my bachelors’ years, I started a lot of things at once. I started writing a blog, I was doing electrical engineering and I was also doing freelancing. Engineering colleges aren’t known for giving extra time as you all know. Apart from this, I was also doing a lot of things in terms of money-making which was to support my family.

I was very excited at the start. Why wouldn’t I be! I was getting a chance to finally fulfill my dreams as a writer. Apart from this, I was also focusing on my engineering.

Work Frusttraon

The excitement as some of you may guess was very short-lived. I soon found myself burning up after extensive working. Apart from this, I also didn’t find time for healthy physical activity. I actually could manage exercises but the problem was never the time. It was, in fact, the burn out I was facing. It was the work frustration.

3 - Trying to hit all sixes at once can harm you

I found myself gaining more fats. I found myself dehydrated and often overeating to make up for missing meals previously. This often built up work frustration due to extra energy.

The problem with all of us is that sometimes we try to compromise health for a productive routine. You should never ever mess with health issues. When your health is perfect, you are capable of following your goals. You live more than just routine life.

4 - Balance is a Way of Saying Goodbye to Work frustration

It has been a while since graduation. I have found that I am still in the process of doing things and balancing myself. My routine is almost the same. Yet a few things helped me a lot in the journey of life. These things I learned not only on my own but also from successful peers and teachers who were doing wonderfully in their lives. I will share a few tips for you.

One thing to remember is that I am sharing what worked best for me and so many other people. Some of these tips may resonate on a personal level for some while some may not. Read, however, all of the info. Sometimes we learn not from tip itself, but from other people in our lives who are applying those tips successfully.

5 - Where does this energy come from? What is your aim?

It may sound like a very trivial point for some. Of course, we all know where this energy comes from. It comes from our hearts. If we didn’t know this, we wouldn’t have come into this place in the first place.

The problem is not with intention. The actual problem is we get sidetracked. We often get busy with so many other things that we often forget why we did this in the first place.

6 - Sometimes the real reason is not there at all!

For example, suppose you start working somewhere so that you can be supportive of your family. Trust me when I say this if you stay there too long by your actual choice, you won’t be very happy. Why is it so? This is because that was never your actual goal. Family support is one of the things. You may have dreamed to get busy in your own field of choice. Go there! You will make money there nonetheless. It will also create a wonderful routine life.

This is what you should always tell yourself. Never ever forget why you started doing this in the first place. Always remember that and say goodbye to work frustration.

Keep a check on what you are currently doing. Does it align with your current goals? If not then why? One of the most prominent reasons for a burn out can be there as well. It can help fight off the work frustration.

7 - Health Issues

Only a healthy mind will get you what you really want. And only a healthy body will have a healthy mind. You may ask yourself multiple times about your body health. If you aren’t sleeping well, eating well doing well, you won’t be able to keep this up for the long run.

You may be able to impress yourself for two to four days by sleeping less than four hours. After some time, your body will give up.

When such a thing happens, it is time for rest. Always remember that a balanced and healthy state will get you much far in life. Working like crazy without setting a proper routine our structure is similar to dissipating your energy. You don’t want that.

8 - Sacrificing Health for Money

The heading is self-explanatory. This is because nothing is worth your health. I am already doing a job. While maintaining this job, I was also trying to ghostwrite a novel by 500$. The option was very charming. I loved the idea of ghostwriting in freelancing and earning from my job at the same time.

After a while, I soon realized that it was simply impossible. Sure the dream of 500$ was very enticing. However, I had many other goals for the long term. This project was simply cutting me off from things that I loved doing. Therefore, I, in the end, ditched that project and felt good about it.

This took loads off from my shoulders. Not only this happened, but it also allowed me to focus on doing what I love to do. The endpoint is, don’t put everything you have got on the money. It will also build up work frustration.

9 - A Routine

If you haven’t got any routine, this simply means you aren’t trying hard enough. Having a to-do list or routine is very important. Setting what you will do in a given amount of time is crucial to achieving your goals.

Without setting a routine, you will feel everything falling badly on your shoulders. Over time, you will feel burned out due to excessive load piling up. You will end up ditching your projects even the necessary ones. Make a habit of making a crucial and healthy routine. You will then effectively say goodbye to work frustration.

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