Top Places to Visit in Neelum Valley

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And then I saw the places where magic coincides with the real world, I saw the places my nan told me of during childhood stories, places of mystery and magic, places which had a feeling of belonging and yet were uniquely out of this world,
As a child, I often wondered what was such a place, then I saw these jewels of Earth, and I realized, to appreciate the beauty around, we need eyes and sense of right direction, let nature guide us, take its course.

One of the jewels of Pakistan, Neelum Valley harbors one of the most beautiful places. As a tourist who has been to these places, I have compiled a list of all the spots. This is the place where heaven meets earth. Here, you will experience nothing similar to the hustle of the city or commotion of daily life. There will be silence. Not the one which accompanies loneliness… rather the silence which is golden. You will learn to enjoy your own company in such mystical places on Earth. Given below is a list of all places to visit in Neelum Valley.

Top Places To Visit In Neelum Valley

1.1 - Dhani Nosseri Waterfall:

Imagine standing beneath a wall of a mountain. The sun is in its setting phase. It bathes the landscape in its mandarin radiance. You look at the mountain wall and witness the stream of the waterfall rushing down the way. The sun’s radiance is reflected by the falling stream as it is trapped in falling water. As you take joy in seeing this unique merger of fire and ice, you notice the moss-covered rocky terrain. The stones near the fall of this stream form a treacherous path to step on.

This was my experience as I stood beneath the glorious waterfall. Breathing in the scent of freshwater and soil, I took deep breaths. It felt as if this air was vitalizing my inner. This is one of the reasons why this place is on the list of all places to visit in Neelum Valley.

Dhani Nosseri Waterfall offers similar views to many other admirers of nature. If you are a nature enthusiast, this serene site should be on your list.

Top Places To Visit In Neelum Valley 2

1.2 - Chilena:

As I walked down the narrow muddy path beside the lush green fields, I breathed in the scent of grass. It was a beautiful sight. At some distance, I could see the wooden houses, each one at a significant distance from its neighbor. At this moment, I realized that I stood in one of the natures’ bountiful sites.

Chilena offers a breathtaking view to anyone who wishes to visit this place. The meadow-like valley has a lush texture of green. A few houses rest on its ground. These houses are quite a distance to their neighboring ones.

Around the valley, there are enormous mountains that stand glorious, harboring this valley at their feet. The air around them is dense and cold. Mystical sighting of fog surrounding the mountains is entrancing. Often this valley experiences rain season. When it starts raining, the grass and fields are washed, giving the sight of the divine blanket of green spread all over the valley.

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1.3 - Kutton Jagran Valley:

Imagine standing beside a rushing water river. A few steps ahead, the river turns into a waterfall. A huge mountain wearing the covers of green sits beside this place. You can see the old yet sturdy bridge, currently used by the villagers. Present within the strong and old trees covering the banks of the river, the visible wooden houses make up for beautiful sightseeing. There are also built hotels and cafes for the comfort of tourists. The Kutton Jargon valley offers this and more.

1.4 - Keeran Neelum Valley:

Imagine yourself sipping your coffee, while sitting on grassy plains. The sun is high in the sky. A mildly cold breeze touches your face softly. In your front, there is a stony path at some distance to the grassy patch you are sitting on. Some steps to the side, there stand a cluster of lush green trees.

Just imagining this must refresh your mood. You can actually live this fantasy in waking life when you visit Keeran Valley of Neelum. One of the most wonderful facts about Neelum is that every nature’s site has its own unique vibe.

1.5 - Ratti Gali Lake:

The white and grey clouds hang over the scenic beauty of the lake. Its crystal blue water is serene in its flow. The gentle cold breeze is blowing, touching everything in its path softly. This lake is surrounded by green mountains. The verdant blanket covers the entire scene. In some patches of this green grass, there appear a few spots of fresh brown soil. Near the lake bank, there are wild ornate flowers grown in the moist soil, dancing wildly in the breeze.

This is the scene that my human senses could capture when I visited the Ratti Gali Lake. The place has a special aura. One of the things which I liked most was the gentle colors of the lake. The place is often surrounded by clouds. In short, this is another one of the places to visit in Neelum Valley.

1.6 - Sharda Neelum Valley:

One of the main spots which I loved was this place. I stood on the bridge above the muddy river. I kept standing for quite a time, staring at the bluish figure of huge mountains, engulfed partially in the thick milky fog. Near the bridge, I could observe the silent activity of people, going on with their routine. The wooden houses there were few in number.

This place had dense clouds most of the time. The verdant surroundings had much thicker vegetation. Being one of most scenic places, it offers the mystical solitude some of us so desperately seek!

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