6 Top Smart Home Applications you Need in 2020

Do you remember the times of the 90s? Chances are if you grew up in the 90s, you must have felt those surges of joy on getting new Gameboy. When there was a new model of the TV, it was seen in every other house. Not only this, there were other things too which excited even the middle class. Refrigerators, TV shows, Microwave ovens… you name them!

The purpose of the article is not to reminisce about old times. As we all know that smart devices are becoming a thing. In the early era when the TV was launched, a few elite classes had it in their houses. Now we see a TV even in the homeless departments.

Smart applications are much like TV in its starting phase. They are still being developed. While the price issues are there, chances are the future will be promising. These devices are bound to become every house devices. There are many reasons for it. The concept of smart technology which allows humans to interact with technology on a personal level is not old. Advances are being made in this field.

Smart gadgets not only make our lives better, but they also give a unique lifestyle. Nowadays, one cannot imagine a day spent without Wifi. Early in the 90s, people used to even spend days without TV. Therefore, as technology evolved, we got more and smarter gadgets in our homes. Buying smart gadgets may seem a problem sometimes. This is because the smart gadgets are quite expensive. However, in modern life, optimization is being done at their prices.

Given below are some of the devices which you didn’t know you needed. They are quite cheap and available in your local countries. While the list includes general devices, you won’t find all of them possibly at your local stores. You may have to order their shipment by Amazon.

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1 - The List You Just Needed:

Here is the list of Home Applications you will want to have in 2020:

1.1 - Intelligent Locks:

What is a smart lock? In our daily lives, we use a lot of locks. However, one thing is certain. While using a lock, we know that anyone with the right key can open it. This introduces the risk of theft. Many times online videos and other resources have told about ways locks can be broken.

What we may need in modern times are the smart locks. What do the smart locks do? They are dependent on your choice of opening. Controlled by your blue tooth or your devices, they are quite handy. By your choice, if you select the unlocking option, the lock will do its job. No more worries about theft or broken locks.

Smart Locks

1.2 - Ring Spotlight Camera:

This is the device that has the potential to be used for bad purposes. However, as we all know, it is again entirely dependent on Users of this technology.

It does what any other standard camera would do. You can install it somewhere while watching the surveillance video on your computer. Then what makes it different?

This camera is very easy to be installed. Apart from that, this camera can be hidden almost anywhere due to its camouflage look. Due to its stealthy design, it is very hard to be noticed. Its usage is a great help when you wish to keep surveillance of someplace.

Spot Cam

1.3 - Eero Wi-fi:

We all have wifi devices in our homes. However, these wifi devices old have a lot of problems. The first one is the range. They sometimes can be wonderful in small homes. However, when it comes to double story or triple story buildings, the wifi devices simply suck. Not only this, the wifi devices have many other issues like adjustability.

Eero Wifi devices are providers of the long-range internet. The connection is uninterrupted for quite some range. Apart from that, the size and hardware are to your liking. All in all, it is a nice replacement for your old wifi device.

Eero Wifi

1.4 - Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

As if robots weren’t expensive enough already! However, efforts are being done in making them as assessable to common people as possible. Overall, all the modern tech is aimed at providing a better life for normal people.

Imagine the places where your old vacuum cleaner cannot possibly go. This small robot cleaner with thrice as much power will easily go to such places. Not only this, you can be assured of better performance and better control. This device can be controlled remotely. It means you can watch it cleaning your home while sitting somewhere else. Although it is quite expensive in starting, chances are that this device will become a common household item in the future.

1.5 - Air Fryer:

What is air frier? It doesn’t really fry air like its namesake. It is, in fact, a frying machine. You can make your fries or fry other things in it. How is it different from the old frier in your house?

Well most of us don’t actually own a frier. Even if we do, we all know the struggle of constantly stirring and checking if our fried food isn’t burned.

Imagine the whole process of frying being controlled by AI. This would ensure that your food is cooked properly. Seeing how AI is already making its way in the cooking industry, it isn’t far when this device becomes your common household items.

Air Fryer

1.6 - Kitchen Nutritional Scale:

Are you a concerned person when it comes to nutrition for your family? Being concerned about food and health can sometimes save your family from diseases and wrong diets.

What is the best way to know that you are cooking healthy food for your family? It is keeping the digital kitchen nutritional scale. This device has data of about 2000 various foods. Not only this, but you can also add custom data of your choice to keep the record of your own nutrition and food. This will make your cooking tons easier and effective than usual.

Kitchen Nutrion

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