Torchat Download - One of the Most Secure Messengers of 2020

Torchat is a messenger that you won’t need much. That being said, why is it even a messenger at all? Well, if you are concerned about sending your data to your friend, you want it to be sent privately and securely without anyone sniffing your internet connection. Therefore, you will want to use this app for this very purpose. Torchat Messenger ensures that it maintains a strong network of hidden services. It also makes sure that the conversation between clients is strongly encrypted. This makes it impossible to tell who is contacting or chatting with whom. This design also makes it impossible to determine the physical location of the user. Tor chat can hide your true IP address, your personal information or even your text-based chats or whatever content you happened to have sent on messenger. You will want to download Tor

chat especially if it is the privacy you are after.

Torchat Download

Tor chat is freeware software that is readily available for download. It is a reliable freeware for Windows (32-Bit and 64-bit).

Note: Although in some of the cases this program is tested positive as a virus, it is a perfectly reliable piece of messenger software that does nothing harmful to your computer. In didn’t appear as a virus in many systems which only indicates that it might be settings or toolbars which might be confusing the system.

Table of Content

1 - Torchat Top Features

Given below are some of its features which will make you want to download this app right away:

1.1 - Decentralized Network:

Designed specifically for making anonymous accounts as well as the security of user messages, the messenger app presents a decentralized network. This allows for the high anonymity and absence of traces for your digital account.

1.2 - Multiple Platform:

The messenger app is supported for windows as well as a Linux system. This allows for more flexible usage especially if your preference is Linux instead of windows unlike most.

1.3 - Ultimate Censorship:

Torchat allows for incredible censorship of your private information. As you sign in, you get a random .onion address which will then serve as your ID address. Your text chat is highly protected too.

1.4 - Instant Messaging:

The messenger app is an instant messenger for clients. It enables instant messaging which makes way for an effective and fast communication system.

There are some additional features which are given below:

a. No Need for Installation.

b. Without the actual need for installation, the Torchat runs smoothly on your system. It doesn’t even need proper configuration.

If you are looking for a messenger app supported on both Windows and Linux, which allows for high-level security for messaging, this app is perfect for you.

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