Triggering Positive Emotions – Art of Cultivating Positive Emotions

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1 - Master Triggering your Positive Emotions

We all have heard many times about the worth of positive emotions. We all have heard tales of success. When somebody failed in their life once, they started being positive about their abilities and got a lot of success in the end.

2 - Only Positive Emotions are a Myth!

What exactly is a positive attitude? I bet many of us are somewhat tired of the positive attitude thing. Whenever we wish to express our frustration, the thought of adopting a positive attitude stops us. We all have tried various ways to remain positive all the time. We constantly tried to suppress our negative emotions or ignore them while focusing on positives. Did it work? How long it was before we realized this was a fool’s errand?

3 - Trick your Mind!

When it comes to thinking differently, we cannot do it instantly. We have to change the way we think of constant auto-suggestion. Not only this, our mind constantly resists. We are changing the way we have been thinking for a very long time. This change will not be visible in a few days.

We cannot change our mind in some cases. We can, however, learn to trick it. We can learn to think in a new way than trying to change the way we thought of before. If the new thought system serves us better, helps us in the long run, we are bound to success in adopting it.

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4 - Some Ways to Make you Happy!

Given below are ten exercises to help you lighten your mood. Lightening your mood is nothing like feeling happy or fulfilled in the face of disaster. That will be seriously wrong. It simply means loosening the grip of stressing emotions and focusing on actually working through those emotions. We need to master triggering our positive emotions.

The research has shown that when you try to change your facial expressions accordingly, your mind will create such expressions. It is not really a laughing matter; in fact, it has worked for so many people all around the world. You can try and find out yourself. None of these tips is particularly harmful and you have got nothing to lose.

4.1 - Making Happy Expressions:

While it takes some time to find a center in a situation of stress, you can practice this exercise more often. When you will get a hang of it, it will be tons easier to be practiced even in the scenarios of stress. That is exactly what you want for yourself.

Relax the muscles of your face. Relax those around eyebrows as much as possible. You should do these in calm settings and on a daily basis. They will then come easy when you really need them. Relax them as much as you can.

After a while, stretch the corners of your lips towards the ears. Make a smiling face to be simple. You should not try to feel happy or anything at all. Just make a smiling face even if you are feeling sad. Keep this expression for 20 seconds constantly.

You will notice a positive change in yourself. While you will not be jumping with joy, you will most certainly be having a light mood. This is particularly helpful when you are feeling regretful or angry. This will allow you to put your feelings into practical use.

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4.2 - Letting Go:

Moving on is another important aspect. It doesn’t need to be practiced daily. It will certainly show its effect when you do it while the thought is bugging you constantly.

Try focusing on what is the problem. You will need to put it in a statement. You will be surprised at how the cause of worry is generally so clouded in your mind. Generally, we are so succumbed by worries that one worry links with another worry.

Suppose you are a housewife. You may be worrying about your bills. Along with that, you may also start worrying about your time. Then the worry of children also follows suit. If this is not enough, there also comes to worry about the household. And then there is a train of worrying thoughts which is running through your mind.

The purpose of this exercise is to find that one problem which is stemming the roots of other worries. The purpose of this exercise is to let go of that particular worry.

Write that worrying statement, be it thing of past or present, on a paper. After a while, fold it. Keep folding it. Take that folded paper. Burn it or wash it down the toilet. Visualize the problem going away. After this, think of nothing but what you have to do next. Don’t become clouded by worries again. Just release yourself and focus on doing your best. It works best for triggering positive emotions.

4.3 - Be the Child:

This is the most fun exercise when it comes to releasing our worries as an adult. Time to time, we often have different dreams or fantasies. We often forget about them in daily life, not knowing that those things of us may hold to key to self-knowledge.

Ask yourself about your wildest fantasies. The purpose is not to feel deprived of your wishes. Rather focus on what can come true in your life? When was the last time you had fun? When was the last time when you hung out with any of your friends or family?

There can be literally a lot of things. It can also be something like your favorite children’s cartoon. Or perhaps a place you have been trying to visit.

Find some common connections in these things. You will notice an essence that defines your personality to its finest.

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