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Did you ever wish that there was a separate messenger app for Twitter? TweetDeck is the result of your wish being granted by Twitter. This Twitter messenger app, TweetDeck has joined the website and mobile apps as a redesigned service.

Download Tweetdeck and you will be able to follow any number of facebook or twitter accounts that are arranged in one column application. One of the best attributes of this redesigned app is that it doesn’t install through Adobe AIR which makes it run even faster.

Tweetdeck Free Download

Although the appearance of TweetDeck is unchanged, it still offers the option of managing multiple accounts at once. Other than simple and efficient features, it offers incredible flexibility to use these multiple accounts. It has the following features:

Tweetdeck Features:

1. A feature of Home which allows you to receive the updates from all the accounts together.

2. There is another feature which is called @Me which allows you to have notice of all youtube or Facebook interactions.

3. Tweetdeck also features another option Inbox which allows for access to all the direct messages on Twitter. You get to simply add tweets or remove them if you want to do so.

4. You can easily browse with its remarkably simple and interactive system.

5. Tweetdeck also arranges your columns in a horizontal row. This makes it incredibly easy to scroll just from left to right.

6. There is also an addition of a new columns button which will make you want to download TweetDeck. This button allows you to access all of the columns and select any if you want to.

7. There is also a menu icon on every tweet which gives way for more options. You can now create a tweet, block someone, delete and access more without even leaving your main column.

With this being said, why wait when you can easily download and manage your tweets with the Tweetdeck app.

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