Vampires - A Glimpse of Real Life Cases of Vampires


The night approaches. The unprotected damsel sleeps in her room. The windows of her room are opened. The full moon’s light is coming into her room. As the clock strikes midnight, a figure approaches. It is a shadow of a large bat. As it approaches the room silently, it morphs into a middle-aged man. He is quite handsome as seen from moonlight. He approaches the damsel. She suddenly wakes up, seeing a handsome man in her room when her door is locked. She is frightened. The handsome man places his finger on her lips. He blows a whistle towards her. Her neck rolls over. She is unconscious now. The handsome face of man changes suddenly. His teeth grow longer and sharper. If you are following traditions, his eyes glow. He then embeds his teeth into the neck. He starts drinking the blood of the damsel. Now depending on how the plot thickens, three things will happen. Either the damsel is turned into a vampiress, now serving her overlord Dracula, or she dies. The third thing is she is alive and doesn’t know what has happened.

I just explained a normal scenario of a movie. You will be amazed to find a scary factor. Vampires are based on real-life examples. I have two such examples.

1 - Vlad Tepes

Vampire Glimpse Of Truth 1

One famous example of Dracula was a Turkish prince known as Vlad Tepes. He was a warrior and a very vicious one. Vlad was captured when he was a little boy and raised in captivity. The boy retained his vindictive mental attitude towards the Turkish Empire. No one captures Vlad and gets away with it. Among his other known stats, it is well known that Vlad had a morbid appetite for violence and blood. He used to murder his enemies in the most gruesome manner. The disgusting fact is that he enjoyed the process of slaughtering or torturing his enemies, calling it a perfect appetizer for his breakfast. His tales inspired the vampires of myth.

2 - Madame Valarie

The other example is of a female serial killer known as Madame Valarie. The TV show American Horror Story depicted her. Madame Valerie had an insatiable hunger for beauty. She was also mentally sick. She used to murder a lot of innocent slaves and young girls. In her quest for eternal youth, she was told by a black magician that she needed to wear makeup made from the blood of young people. La Laurie killed a lot of people before escaping to France.

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