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Being a predecessor of Vegas Pro 13, pro 14 fills the gaps which the thirteenth version left. It is a very professional and popular software for video content created especially for your tubers. The Pro 14 has a huge user base. Especially during the last five years, ever since it was released, its users’ number has skyrocketed. The companies may exaggerate their product, but if you want to see how a certain product is worth your time, check its user base. Vegas Pro 14 is bound to give you the best experience. Given below are some of the features which will make you want to download Vegas Pro 14.

Vegas Pro1There have been made a few observations regarding Vegas Pro. First and foremost, the Vegas pro includes nearly all the features which have been included in all video editors. Many of its features are either upgrades of already present features or simply the same. There is also present a hover scrub feature which is something not very usually found in other video editors.

Other than some of the additional features, there is also present third-party add-ons which allow several plugins addition. These plugins are what keep the Vegas Pro 14 one of the best competitors. As the new features arrive, there is no telling how these will improve. However, it is clear that they will revolve around the feedback of users.

There is also a NEW LUX tool which is highly recommended and usable. It is one of the key features of Vegas Pro 14.

The image stabilizer is also present which is of top quality. However, with on-going markets and competition, the game will have to be stepped up.


The Vegas Pro offers what most of the video editors offer with a few features better than the others. All in all, it is a good software and worth your time. It is recommended to go after the option of Vegas Pro 14 Download.

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