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So you must have heard about a video going viral. You must have heard about a photo or facebook meme going viral. But do products go viral too? They sure do.

The question is what makes a product go viral? Think about it for a second. Is it the added features of simple things? Or is it the use of modern technology more and more?

The quality of viral products is that they manage to get a combination of simple yet efficient. It is not adding complex features or utilizing modern tech even. It is more like solving a problem in a simple yet efficient manner. All the products utilizing the complex features soon lose their charm. The gadgets going viral all around the world are a near necessity.

Here in this article, I am listing down all such unique products which have stormed the markets. Although some of them may not be available in your local markets, they are worth checking.

1.1 - Tactical Flashlight:

Why is there a flashlight on this list? I mean flashlights are pretty normal featured devices available in every market. They are often sold at cheap prices and they can easily be bought by nearly everyone. Then how is this one any different? The gadgets going viral all around the world are a near necessity.

Tactical flashlight is a product that was designed for special purposes. It has the model number of T1100 Tactical Flashlight. It sold 200,000 of its products in a few months. So what does this flashlight do?

Unlike the normal flashlight, just like a Swiss army knife, this is another battle-tested product that is available in the market for civilian usage. This flashlight has a small size. It can be easily held in your hand. What is not normal is its light. This small flashlight can light up the entire yard. It is at least 30 times more powerful than a normal flashlight.

How is it a battle-ready product? Well, this flashlight can be driven over, dropped from the significant height, even drowned underwater, it will still function properly. This flashlight has intense light. Other than being used as a means of lighting the area, there is yet another use.

The flashlight is intense in its luminance. Due to high-intensity light, you can temporarily blind another person or animal. It is perfectly ideal for fellows with late-night jobs in perilous areas. If you are a woman or a scrawny person, or perhaps a vigilant one, get this flashlight.

Flash Light

1.2 - FIXD:

The FIXD is another special device recently invented. What is it really? What does it do normally?

Suppose you were driving the apparently perfect car. A bump happens in a middle way. Your car stops in some perilous area. Not only are you without a proper helper, but you also don’t have any idea of what to do.

In normal circumstances, it is advised to keep the car checked for issues starting a long journey... If you know your way around your car, you can also take care of it yourself. However, you may also need to regularly keep a check on your car. We all know how difficult it becomes especially in this busy routine to take care of something so time-consuming. Sometimes, all the trouble was just a false alarm.

Wouldn’t it be great if something constantly told you the accurate information about your engine or car’s condition? It would benefit you before going to the mechanic and paying extra for issues that may not even be there. FIXED is just that. It is a device that is integrated into your car. Once integrated, it gives very accurate data about your car. Your vehicle is now in hands of artificial intelligence.


1.3 - Glasses Cleaner Made up of Carbon:

Imagine going on a sunny side of the country. You are putting on your sunglasses for caution. However, at the last minute when you pick them up, to your frustration, they are dirty.

Put yourself in the scenario of someone who wears glasses. The glasses have to be cleaned constantly. Those who are glasses wearers know the struggle of cleaning after every hour or two. It gets incredibly frustrating.

What if you were presented with a better solution?

There is a solution. Peeps carbon cleaner! This cleaner does an amazing job of cleaning the lens of your glasses. Purchase it and you will see the results of cleaning which can be achieved by cloth.

Glass Cleaner

1.4 - Reliable Tracker:

Imagine you have a flight tomorrow. When you wake up, you can't seem to find your suitcase. That feeling at the end of the stomach sure messes us up.

The above-mentioned scenario is one of the cases in which we experience anxiety after losing something. In our daily lives, we sure seem to emphasize a lot on our luggage. Losing keys or parking a car somewhere you can find is one hell of a problem.

Now imagine that all you had to do was put a coin-sized tracker either in your luggage, your purse or wallet, or perhaps use it as a keychain for your car keys. Such a coin can be controlled and tracked by your phone solely.

These trackers are becoming more and more common practice. However, as the tech is still improving, these trackers aren’t getting much attention. This is because they run out of battery too soon.

As the modern inventions are coming, the new coin shaped trackers are getting released with increasing power. Who knows this might be the start of an entirely new era.

Key Tracker

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