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The VLC Player is undoubtedly one of the best multimedia players available. It is a cross-platform player which can run multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, and major format files. Being a non-profit project, it has a huge user base. Along with some of the main features in the VLC Media Player, there are tons of hidden useful features.

Vlc Media Player Free Download

According to modern user reports, the VLC media player has proved to be quite a Swiss Army knife for the world of digital videos and files. It is filled with so many useful and fun features along with some of the main features. It makes it truly a bucket full of useful things.

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1 - VLC Media Player Features:

Given below are some of its features that will make you want to go after the option of VLC Media Player Download:

1.1 - Fast Hardware Decoding:

When it comes to hardware decoding, the VLC media player truly is the leader. It can also fall-back on software when it is required. The hardware decoding is done in a very fast manner along with wanted results.

1.2 - Multiple Platform:

The VLC player doesn’t really care about which platform or operating system you use. Whether it is windows, or it is Linux or perhaps another operating system, the VLC media player will easily run on every operating system. You will never have to worry about switching the platforms for merely using it.

1.3 - Multiple Formats:

The supported format list of the VLC media player is so huge that it covers not only major formats; it also covers nearly all present formats of videos or audios available. The huge range is proof that VLC is truly a leader when it is a matter of effective video or audio playing.

1.4 - Advanced Control:

Highly optimized, the VLC media player is also highly customizable. Users can customize nearly everything from the sound system to even themes. The advanced control features are incredibly simple. They are also accessed by hotkeys. You can also turn on various options such as subtitles.

There are various hidden features such as media conversion for your files, streaming media over the internet or recording your desktop, watching youtube videos, subscribing to podcasts or even playing internet radio; these features will allow for a memorable experience. You will want to go after the option of VLC media player download. The VLC media player is one of the most used media platforms. You can also become a satisfied user.

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