What does Make a True Superhero?

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1 - Makings of a Common Superhero:

We all have fantasized about those flying or super acrobatic superheroes our whole lives. We have often wanted to have powers. Yet the stories of superheroes prove one thing for sure. Having a normal human life is far harder than we think it to be. This is because we are worthy creations of the universe. We think we don’t matter. We matter a lot to the universe. Superhero sagas also prove that the concept of responsibility is always relative. The responsibility is always coming our way. You can get superpowers and fly your way through the sky. You can never escape responsibilities in your whole life.

What Is A Superhero

2 - Why Write about Superheroes?

One of the main reasons I am writing my third article about superheroes is that I admire them. I don’t fantasize about having powers…well not most of the time! But I do know that superheroes stories and sagas hide deep lessons. I got plenty of lessons from one of the most known superheroes. Flash, Superman, Batman, black canary, and arrow…they have plenty of lessons to teach us. They tell us what does make a true superhero?

3 - What is a Superhero?

So what exactly is a superhero? I am not going to assume you mean a person having supernatural powers. Or someone who fights crime in life…they is a superhero too! Yet here, I want to introduce the original concept of the superhero.

If you think about it, the superheroes fight evil. They serve a greater purpose. They serve to ensure that evil remains at bay. The humans live a normal and easy life. Thanks to their efforts, normal civilians enjoy their evenings while they are fighting for their lives.

Does it relate to normal life? Have you ever seen the lives of soldiers? This very much relates to them, doesn’t it! Leave the special case of the army in fact. I will show you how this relates to the very life you are living yourself.

4 - Superhero in All of Us:

What does make a superhero then? We face struggles in our lives as human beings. That is of course certain. We all undergo a transformation. We fall and rise. Believe it or not, we are all superheroes in our own way. Each and every one of us humans is special. Most people don’t realize it. They don’t think they are special. Thinking yourself unique is not a bad thing. Everyone has a special purpose in this world. Just like superheroes, we have the power to rise above our villains posing as problems of life. We can choose to overcome our weaknesses. We can rise above our demons. We have to keep working and training on finding our specialties. We have to keep working to achieve our goals. This way, we become our own superhero. And trust me! You only have to impress one person in your life. That person is you!

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