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1 - How Does PA Checker Work?

Page authority checker requires the URL of the webpage and calculates the PA using an algorithm, based on the variables such as the Linkscape web index, Moz trust, link counts and mozRank. The higher the page authority score, the greater the chances of a specific webpage to rank well in the search engine result page.

Pa Checker

PA score of a webpage constantly fluctuates; there are many online tools available to check page authority.

PA checker incorporates many factors to calculate the score, the following are important factors to increase the PA score:

1. The first most important key is quality content; search engines prefer pages with quality content, not just keywords stuffed content.

2. Another important part is to focus on is the link profile of a website, getting backlinks from well-ranked sites counts a lot in calculating PA score. Page authority and overall SEO can be improved by gaining links from well-ranked sites.

3. Apart from text, another factor is to use relevant images and graphics in content, text without images looks boring to users and don’t like reading the lengthy text without useful relevant images and other graphics.

2 - Domain Checker & Domain Authority Checker:

Domain Authority is a score developed by MOZ and calculated by domain authority checker to calculate the likelihood ranking of a specific website across the search engines, it predicts how well the specific website will rank on the search engine result page. DA checker calculates score using a complex algorithm and scores out of 100 on a logarithmic range.

2.1 - How does DA checker work?

Domain authority checker requires the URL of the website and calculates the DA using an algorithm based on a wider number of metrics and the expected score is calculated out of 100 on a logarithmic range. The DA algorithm includes the following metrics to check domain authority:

2.2 - Domain Age:

The first most important metric in calculating domain authority is the age of the domain because age indicates search engines that how trustworthy the following domain is. Search engines prefer old domains over new and rank old domains higher.

2.3 - Outgoing Links:

Outbound or outgoing links is a factor involved calculating a DA score, who do you think worth linking to and have a link to authority sites.

2.4 - Incoming Links:

The number and the quality of incoming links also have a strong effect on DA score and can be improved by achieving quality backlinks.

2.5 - Link variety:

Another factor involved in calculating a DA is link diversity/variety, it’s better to gain a lesser number of links from a wider collection of quality websites than to have a large number of inbound links from unimportant websites.

2.6 - Page Rank:

Page rank is also a part of domain authority calculations.

2.7 - Traffic Metrics:

Traffic metrics include a number of visitors on the website, number of page views per visitor, time spent on the page by visitors and the user bounce rate, all these factors are included too in calculating a DA score.

2.8 - Hardware and Software Metrics:

Hardware and software metrics are also part of the DA algorithm to check Domain authority; it includes uptime, broken links, server response time, and code errors.

2.9 - Value Distribution:

Value distribution metrics check how many pages are valuable from the total number of website pages.

3 - Conclusion:

Unlike other SEO practices, PA and DA are difficult to optimize easily as they are comprised of many different factors, PA/DA of any website can be improved by optimizing all the factors.

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