Why should You Learn White Hat SEO Techniques for Ranking your Page in 2020

Make Google a Friend of your Website With White Hat SEO techniques!

Google Friendly White Hat Seo

Search engine optimization is one of the trickiest fields. Sometimes the line between what is considered right and wrong blurs. However, there is a way you can easily rank your page without actually breaking any of Google rules. White Hat SEO techniques for ranking your page offer just what you have been looking for. In this article, I am about to explain what it is. If you are a beginner, you have an excellent chance to learn White Hat SEO here. In writing this article, I decided to be as much updated about information as possible. Therefore, if you have been looking for White Hat SEO techniques for 2020, the latest information, you have come to the right place.

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1 - What is White Hat SEO?

So what exactly is white hat SEO? If I am to explain it simply, it is the practice of making a website focused on the audience instead of search engines. Consider, for example, you visit a page. You are looking for a website to learn White Hat SEO. As you search, you naturally click on the first link on the Google page.

Example White Hat Seo

1.1 - Content Not Relevant for People is Against White Hat SEO Tactics:

When you click on it, you are expecting it to be resourceful. Instead, the page contains spamming content, instead of leading you to another website of advertisements. Other than a few definitions, you don’t find anything which can help you with your search for White Hat SEO Techniques for users. You will get frustrated and close the link. The website was ranked on the first page of Google but it wasn’t intended for the users. It was optimized in such a way that it deceived the search engine into ranking it on the first page. Sooner or later Google will find out and take it down.

1.2 - White Hat SEO Content is Suited for Audience:

What would happen if you were led to a website like this? You would love it and keep reading. It would tell you what White Hat SEO is and how you can learn White Hat SEO. Thus it would answer the question you had been looking for. It would be ranking on the first page of Google. White Hat SEO techniques for ranking your page are techniques that follow the rules and regulations of Google. Other than this, you will find that all White Hat SEO optimized websites have the following features:

  1. All such websites offer quality services and content.
  2. The white hat SEO websites will also offer fast loading of web pages. Since most of the economy is accustomed to opening web pages on mobiles, such websites are also mobile-friendly.
  3. The content is relevant and keyword-rich. Every sentence will make sense along with keyword-rich Meta-titles and Meta tags.
  4. The website is user-friendly. It allows user interactivity if necessary along with easy navigation.

2 - Why Should you Choose White Hat SEO Techniques in 2020?

You should take every chance you can get to effectively learn White Hat SEO. This is because White Hat SEO is highly necessary for the Google webpages. Without following them, your page will be breaking the rules and hence will be taking down. The other setback is that you don’t get to optimize your website which will never rank your page in the first place. Both are undesirable situations.

2.1 - Google Cares more About Users than Search Engines:

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that whether you are a content writer or a website developer, you effectively learn the White Hat SEO techniques for ranking your page. They will not only rank your page on the top, but they will also be favored by the users. Frankly, this is what Google cares about most. Therefore, apart from following some structure of an article, the content should be optimized for the users. Google will not see how many times a word was highlighted or written if your content is rejected by the users. Therefore, you need to learn White Hat SEO tactics to honorably become Google’s chosen one.

2.2 - Learn White Hat SEO Tactics – Avoid Google Penalties:

It is quite natural to come up with some of the self-thought tricks which are most certainly not the White Hat SEO techniques for ranking your page. One of the most common practices before was the writing of a keyword consecutively. The search engines searched the relevance of a website by the keyword before. The more that word was written, the more relevant it was considered by Google. This led to spam practices of writing the keyword more and more along with irrelevant advertisements and content. This was considered a cheap SEO tactic. This tactic has long been dropped off the list. You will not find it on the list of White Hat SEO techniques for 2020.

Naturally, there are many other practices that we can think of to rank our websites. They may not always follow the White Hat SEO tactics. This can lead to our website becoming penalized. This is very important if you are launching a website which is supporting website for your online business or freelance work profile. Your earning rate will drop significantly. Does nobody want that now does anybody?

3 - White Hat SEO Techniques for Ranking your Page on Top SERP in 2020

White Hat Seo Techniques

Until now I think you must have understood that you should invest considerable time to learn White Hat SEO. It would do you great good if you ultimately avoid the Google penalties, follow the rules and get the traffic you deserve. Given below are some of the effective tips for optimization using White Hat SEO.

3.1 - Make It User-Friendly:

What is the first step to learning White Hat SEO? You simply learn the tricks to make your website or webpage more user-friendly. This is because quality content and user-friendly navigation are what makes people stay longer on your website. This will lead to your page getting ranked on top of Google. Given below are some of the tips to make your website more user-friendly.

3.2 - Navigation:

In all the White Hat SEO optimized websites as well as White Hat SEO tactics, you will find one thing very much emphasized. It is often indirectly given importance. Yet the navigation is one of those things which will make users either go away or stay on your website. Good navigation has the following features. This list is not conclusive. More tips can be added.

  1. Visible Dropdown Menus and Link following are very important. This is because if users find themselves unable to grasp the website within the first few minutes, they will simply go away.
  2. Making the Menus short is another thing that is comfortable for the user.
  3. The visible search bar is absolutely necessary. Once you get the navigation part, you can move on to other important parts.

3.3 - Design:

In nearly all of the White Hat SEO Optimization tips, the design is another fundamental which is sometimes ignored. However, a good design that pleases the users is sure to hide any errors or mistakes your website may have. This is not to say you should only work on a good design. This adds to the effectiveness of your website in keeping users for some time.

3.4 - Get Rid of Advertisements:

As a user, I must tell that nothing bugs me more than those sneaky advertisements opening up from the corner and hindering my work. I abhor that. If I as a user do, if you as a user may find it irritating, others will find it too.

3.5 - Make Information Easy to be Found:

White Hat SEO techniques for ranking your page do include making user-friendly pages. A significant aspect of such techniques is that your information is relevant and easy to be found. If this is not the case, your website doesn’t follow the White Hat SEO tactics and may risk penalizing.

3.6 - Make Content as Collected as Possible:

Honestly, there is a new trend which has been very irritating. There is always a “click more” button or content that is divided into multiple pages at once. As a user, I despise this. I have seen many other users complaining about such click-baiting websites. Therefore, this is not a good tactic to rank your page.

3.7 - Sign up Needed? No thanks, Please!

This is something that may not be in the context of the White Hat SEO tactic. However, if your website is simply offering information in form of articles or links, do not make the mistake of setting signup options. Especially if people visit your website for general purposes like online shopping, do not make them signup first before actually ordering anything. This has an irritating impact on most of the users.

3.8 - Mobile Friendly Website:

This is one of the most important White Hat SEO techniques for ranking your page. Many people utilize cellphones for opening websites and accessing the internet. Your website must be mobile-friendly. Try getting rid of pop-ups. If you cannot, make them mobile-friendly.

White Hat Seo

3.9 - Reduce Website Loading Time as much as Possible:

White Hat SEO tactics also include reducing the loading time. Until now you must have known that white hat SEO is all about the users’ experience. Therefore, loading time is one of those experiences. You will want your website to be opened as quickly as possible.

3.10 - Avoid Keyword Stuffing:

When you learn White Hat SEO, you will naturally find out about keyword stuffing. What is keyword stuffing?

If you find irrelevant data that makes no sense but has certain highlighted keywords that match your search results, that is keyword stuffing. This is against the White Hat SEO tactics. A user is tricked into clicking on that link because it doesn’t give the relevant information. Make sure your own website doesn’t do it.

3.11 - Standard White Hat SEO Optimization:

Until now, I had been giving some of the tips which actually help websites follow the white hat SEO tactics. There are some standard practices which you should be aware of when launching your website. These are given below:

3.12 - Offering Quality Content and Services:

This is one of the most obvious White Hat SEO tactics. Your website will be naturally favored by users if it offers quality content and service.

3.13 - Backlinking:

When it comes to backlinking, in recent years of the internet, people generated a lot of unnatural unfriendly backlinks to somehow get a lot of traffic. In modern White Hat SEO techniques to rank your page, this is a penalty causing trick. The effort for backlinking should be of human effort. Only relevant websites should have your backlinks. White Hat SEO tactics include relevant website links that are completely or slightly related to your content.

3.14 - Keyword Research:

How can this be not relevant! The keywords matter a lot. You have to take care of while choosing the keywords. Generally all White Hat SEO techniques to rank your page focus on involving keywords. Yet there is a thing which is called keyword stuffing. You should avoid that at all costs.

Keyword stuffing is when your content has repeated keywords that make no sense at all. Generally, this is out of White Hat SEO tactics. This is because it targets search bots, not on the audience. Your content should be suited to the audience.

4 - Conclusion:

In conclusion, you have to focus on the following points for White Hat SEO:

  1. Always make your website mobile and user-friendly. Make the navigation super easy along with reducing ads and pop-ups.
  2. According to standard White Hat SEO tactics, your content must be neatly keyword optimized.
  3. Offer quality service and content.
  4. You should always strive to learn White Hat SEO. Google keeps changing the rules so better pick up the pace than learning by error!

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