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Being one of the oldest, Winamp player is one of the first made media players. It used to be initially internet explorer of media players, meaning it was quite slow. However, with time to time updates, the WinAmp media player is very much evolved according to the current requirements of modern age users. The WinAmp media player’s remarkable feature is its ability to let people contribute to its library updates. There are about more than 2000 skins available for its interface. A large number of plug-ins are present too.


In this media player, you are offered everything you ever wanted on the media player. The best thing is that it is highly customizable. You can also adjust it to the side of your screen because of its shorter size.

Given below are some of its features, prompting you to consider the option of WinAmp player download.

1. The WinAmp media player makes sure that all major file formats are supported on it. All major file formats for H.264 and encoded videos are fully supported here on it.

2. Android and USB sync support has been added as an updated feature of this player. This is a huge relief, especially for android users.

3. Along with android compliance, the users can also play this media player on windows 8 and web. These allow for better adaptability and ease of use.

4. The flash video support is quite updated and expanded.

5. The Winamp toolbar is updated with new customized features for better usage.

6. Along with the above features, there is multi-channel mp3 surround support.

7. You have the option of downloading thousands of skins and plug-ins.

8. You can also play a large number of audio/video files.

There is much more to this media player than some of the main features mentioned above. You can access the option of WinAmp player download on this site. Download this player and find out more about its features.

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